The Analytics panel allows you to run and view reports relating to your portal. You can view data on platform activity, enrolments and progress, as well as answers from things like quizzes or polls.

Analytics reporting includes:

  • Platform Activity. Activity in your Tribal Habits portal including active people, number of topics and people, topic enrolments, topics completed and hours of training completed.

  • Standard Polling. Explorer feedback on their prior experience and training with topics, followed by their outcomes in topic quality, objectives and functions addressed.

  • All Enrolments. All enrolments in all knowledge.

  • All Answers. All choices and answers to polls and quizzes from all explorers across all topics and articles.

  • All responses. All written responses from all explorers across all topics and articles.

You can download the reports as a CSV (excel) file by clicking on the green download button within each report.

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