The Tasks report provides information shows information about the explorers who are enrolled in topics, articles and pathways which include tasks.

By default, the report shows details of tasks from all knowledge in your portal, however, you can filter the report by:

  • Knowledge (topics, articles and pathways)

  • People (default and custom fields)

  • Categories (any categories that exist in your portal)

  • Label (a keyword or phrase from the label given to tasks in creator mode)

  • Tasks (all, complete or incomplete tasks)

  • Results (all, pending or verified results)

  • Roles (any roles that exist in your portal)

  • Created date (a selected period of time or custom dates)

After creating a filter, you can save it as a favourite search using the 'Save Search' button. Favourite searches are available when you click the star button (next to the 'Save Search' button).

To clear all applied filters, click the 'Reset' button.

You can also download your report as a CSV file using the download button.


The ABCE Training company wants to know who has not completed the task in their 'Induction' topic for new starters.

They use the Tasks report, filtering to see only 'incomplete tasks' related to a specific 'label'.

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