The People report allows you to filter and report on all users in your Tribal Habits portal.

By default, this report shows all people, however, you can filter the report by:

  • People (default and custom fields)

  • Roles (any roles that exist in your portal)

  • Logins (All logins, never logged in, or logged in)

  • Dates (a selected period of time or custom dates during which users were created, last logged in, and deactivated)

After creating a filter, you can save it as a favourite search using the 'Save Search' button. Favourite searches are available when you click the star button (next to the 'Save Search' button).

To clear all applied filters, click the 'Reset' button.

You can also download your report as a CSV file using the download button.


You want to reach out to all 'Staff' users who are yet to log into your portal.

Using the people filters, you ensure only the 'Staff' type is ticked and change 'All Logins' to 'Never logged in'. You then download the report as a CSV file which you can share with others, for example, managers or team leaders.

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