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What is the Downloads option in Analytics?
What is the Downloads option in Analytics?

The Downloads option provides access to CSV downloads created by you in your portal via other reports in Analytics during the past 30 days.

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When you generate CSV downloads via the various reports available in the platform, the files are generated in the background.

The Downloads option in Analytics provides you with a list of these CSV downloads from the past 30 days and allows you to download the files to your computer.

Please note, only downloads generated by you will appear on the Downloads page. Downloads generated by other admins will not be visible.

This page provides the following details for each CSV download:

  • Owner (who created the download)

  • Created (when the download was created)

  • Report (the type of report the CSV file relates to)

  • Filters (the report filters)

  • Format (the file's format: text/csv)

  • Action (the option to download the file to your computer)

Important Notes

  • CSV downloads appear in order of most recently generated.

  • All CSV files are automatically deleted after 30 days.

  • Large downloads can take some time and will appear as 'Creating' until they're ready. Click the 'Refresh' button to check if a report is ready.

  • CSV downloads can be downloaded via the Downloads page in Analytics multiple times. The data shown in the downloads will always appear as it was when created. For up-to-date data, you must re-run the report using the relevant report type in Analytics.

  • All downloads are tracked for auditing via the Timelines report in Analytics.

If you use Safari as your browser - By default, Safari renders .csv files onscreen instead of automatically saving them for you to view in Excel etc. Your options are to 1) change your browser E.g. to Chrome or 2) manually download the file by right-clicking on the 'Download' link and saving the .csv file to your device.

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