The All Enrolments report provides information about enrolments in knowledge. This includes information about who is enrolled into knowledge, their due date, progress, completed date and version. The report also includes the explorer’s default and custom fields.

You can filter the All Enrolments report by:

  • All knowledge. This includes topics, articles and pathways.

  • Status. Current or lapsed status.

  • Dates. This includes enrolled date, due date, conquered date and certified date.

  • People. You can filter by both default and custom fields.

  • Categories.

You can also download the report as a CSV file using the green download icon at the top right hand side of the screen.


The ABCE Training Company is interested in knowing the details of explorers who have not yet conquered a particular topic. They also want to understand any trends by location, which has been set up as a custom field in their portal.

The ABCE Training company uses the All Enrolments report, filtering by progress to include Unexplored, Exploring and Applying. They also filter knowledge to only include the topic they are interested in. They then download the report as a CSV file, where they can view some additional information including location.

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