The Enrolments report provides information about enrolments in knowledge (topics, articles and pathways). This includes information about who is enrolled, their due date, progress status, completed date and the applicable version of topic or article. The report also includes the explorer’s default and custom fields.

By default, the report shows details of all current enrolments, however, you can filter the report by:

  • Knowledge (topics, articles and pathways)

  • Enrolment status (all, current or lapsed)

  • People (default and custom fields)

  • Categories (any categories that exist in your portal)

  • Enrolments (all enrolment types or explorer, creator, assessor, or creators and assessor enrolments)

  • Progress status (each explorer's current progress status: pre-enrolled, unexplored, exploring, applying or conquered)

  • Roles (any roles that exist in your portal)

  • Enrolled, due, conquered and certified dates (selected periods of time or custom dates)

After creating a filter, you can save it as a favourite search using the 'Save Search' button. Favourite searches are available when you click the star button (next to the 'Save Search' button).

To clear all applied filters, click the 'Reset' button.

You can also download your report as a CSV file using the download button.


The ABCE Training company is interested in knowing the details of explorers who have not yet conquered a particular topic. They also want to understand any trends by 'location' (which has been set up as a custom field in their portal).

ABCE Training uses the Enrolments report, filtering by progress to include anyone who is 'Unexplored', 'Exploring' or 'Applying'. They also filter the report by knowledge to only include the topic they are interested in.

After filtering the report, they download it as a CSV file, where they can view additional information including each explorer's location and identify any trends.

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