By default, each organisation in Tribal Habits has its own private portal. This portal has a unique URL (, logo, brand colours, organisation name and primary admin.

There are times when your organisation may need to utilise different URLs or brands for its users.

  • Your organisation may have several brands, with distinct identities, and you would like to separate each of them via their own portals - with unique URLs and brands.

  • Your organisation may provide its training to third parties, and you would like to restyle your content to third-party brands as well as present the training with their organisation name.

  • You may manage training across several Tribal Habits portals, perhaps as a training or HR consultant.

In all these cases our multi-portal feature will allow you to manage multiple Tribal Habits portals through a single master portal. Here's how it works.

Step One - Request additional portals via support

If you need an additional portal, please contact Support with your request. We will need all the usual information for a new portal - Organisation name, preferred URL, logo, two brand colours and primary admin.

We will then set up your additional portal.

Step Two - Review all your additional portals

Admins in your master portal (your main or first portal) will see a new page at Admin / Account / Portals which summarises all your portals. This page is not visible in your additional portals.

On that page, you can review individual and overall usage in your portals. Your active users will be aggregated across all your portals and applied under one subscription.

Step Three - Manage knowledge between portals

On the Portals page, your master portal Admins will see two actions for each additional portal.

  • Copy. This allows master portal Admins to copy knowledge (topics or articles) from their master portal to the selected additional portal. If you need to copy knowledge from your additional portals back to your master portal, please request this via support.

  • Login. This will open the login page for the selected additional portal. Master portal admins can log into additional portals using their master portal credentials - their username and password will give them admin access to each additional portal. This means that master portal admins do not need to create new accounts (or remember different logins) for each additional portal.

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