The Skills Progression report analyses the progression of total required skills attained (as part of assigned roles) each month.

You can select specific skills or filter people by their demographic information. Future months show attainment rates based on known expiry dates for those skills.

By default, the report shows details of all required skills as a percentage for the next seven months from the current month, however, you can filter the report by:

  • Start month (a specific calendar month and year)

  • Months (the number of months into the future you want to see data for)

  • People (default and custom fields)

  • Skills (any skills that exist in your portal)

  • Skill status (assigned or attained)

  • Roles (any roles that exist in your portal)

  • Data output (percentage or numbers)

After creating a filter, you can save it as a favourite search using the 'Save Search' button. Favourite searches are available when you click the star button (next to the 'Save Search' button).

To clear all applied filters, click the 'Reset' button.

You can also download your report as a CSV file using the download button.


The ABCE Training company wants to know what percentage of their NSW based team will attain risk management skills by the end of the quarter.

They keep the current month selected, change the number of months to 3, and filter their report to show only people who are based in NSW with the 'Risk Management' skill assigned to them.

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