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Change Log - 2023

An historical summary of our changelog for 2023.

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Changelog for 2023

22 December 2023 (Release 8300)

20 December 2023 (Release 8254)

  • Tweak - More explorer UI updates.

    • Audio element updated with the new styling.

    • Download element updated with the new styling.

18 December 2023 (Release 8239)

  • Tweak - New Certificate of Completion layout. The release of customisable certificates is imminent (this week hopefully). As a preliminary step we have now migrated the standard Certificate of Completion to a new layout. Note that this new certificate removes some of the information from the old layout based on customer feedback - enrolment date, assessment result and topic disclaimer are all removed.

  • Tweak - More explorer UI updates

    • Fill In element updated with the new styling.

    • Match element updated with the new styling and also space for a few additional words in the answers.

    • Divider element updated to fit new styling.

  • Tweak - Updates to our Public API.

    • Batch created / update users has significantly improved. Previously, this end point would return the first error encountered and then stop processing additional items in the batch. Now the entire batch is processed and an array of errors is returned at the end.

    • Get all users has new filters for updated_at, updated_before and active.

5 December 2023 (Release 8107)

  • Fix - When editing the Assessment module settings in a topic, it was reverting to 3 quizzes and 1 passmark regardless of your settings. This is now fixed.

4 December 2023 (Release 8100)

  • Tweak - More Explorer UI updates!

    • Image element updated with new explorer styling, plus a few little updates including a 75% caption layout, new Overlay styling using brand colours and an option to apply new image styling (shadow and rounded corners).

    • Quiz element updated with new explorer styling, plus quizzes which have a single correct answer AND the creator enables the option to restrict the learner to a single answer will now function as 'radio' buttons (selecting one answer will unselect any existing answer). Updates to Match and Fill In elements will come next (this week) to align the styling of all these assessment elements ASAP.

  • Tweak - Updated our Public API and the Get All Users endpoint to include new Updated_Before and Active filters.

  • Tweak - Self-registration tokens now reactivate a deactivated user who is using a new token to return and complete new training.

  • Fix - Some Analytics reports were not loading when viewed by Parent admins in a child portal. That is now resolved.

  • Fix - Some Analytics reports were only downloading the first 100 rows in a CSV. This is now fixed.

20 November 2023 (Release 8045)

  • Tweak - The "Why is this training important?" and "Who is this training for?" parts of an Overview are now optional. Admins and creators can now create topics and articles with just a title and the "What is this training about?" part of the Overview. The Why/Who parts can be left blank and will then be hidden from learners.

  • Tweak - Resign of User Profile page in Admin. We have slightly redesigned the User Profile page for Admins to better group common user data items together. This change also paves the way for some additional new features coming soon.

  • Tweak - SSO and Integration warnings enabled for Admins when viewing user profiles. When Admins are viewing the Profile page for users, we have a new warning notification if their portal has either SSO and/or an Integration enabled. This warning reminds admins that changes to users may be impacted (or may impact) SSO or Integrations. While Admins can continue to edit users as before, this warning may help reduce instances of Admins making changes to users which disrupted SSO or Integrations.

  • Tweak - Improved Notifications tabs in topics, articles and pathways. These new panels are easier to read, group common notifications together and make it clearer when notifications are sent and to whom.

  • Tweak - Leading or trailing spaces before answers submitted to a Fill-In element are now ignored. This may help some learners who accidentally put a space before or after their submissions in a Fill-In element.

  • There are a number of other small 'quality of life' improvements in the Admin area, providing Admins with more information and guidance on certain results and choices.

6 November 2023 (Release 7973)

  • Tweak - Second round of learner UI update, this time for Text, Column, Video and Polls elements, all of which have new and improved layouts. There are also considerable behind the scenes changes setting up for customisable fonts (and another special feature to be announced soon).

  • Fix - The calculation of CPD minutes on external knowledge was not showing correctly on the History tab for people in the Admin area. That has been resolved.

  • Fix - A learner UI tweak accidentally made the Section Headers (if enabled for accessibility) REALLY BIG! They are back to their normal size now.

19 October 2023 (Release 7889)

  • Tweak - Stage 1 of the process for customisable fonts has been released. You may not very slight changes to how some text is presented in modules - small changes in font sizes and line spacing for example. There are other, less visible but very significant, changes in the background paving the way for customisable fonts.

  • Tweak - The first learner UI update has also occurred with a new improved layout for the 'Next up' and 'Continue your journey' interactions in modules.

  • Tweak - We have added five new automatic voices to the Narration and Audio elements for creators (2 x German, 2 x Italian and 1 x Portuguese).

  • Fix - We fixed two bugs on the Assess tabs in modules. First, for Tasks, the filters for completed and verified tasks were not playing nicely together - they are friends now. Second, for all assessable items, the People filter has been modified to remove some unnecessary filters and ensure the filters for manager's emails are working correctly.

7 October 2023 (Release 7852)

  • Fix - An edge case bug associated with the Assess Tasks page has been resolved. We also fixed some duplicate data associated with Tasks from this bug.

  • Fix - The Sort element had a bug if a category of items was deleted. This is now resolved.

  • Fix - Deactivated people who were also Team Leaders were not correctly showing as Team Leaders when activated. They are now!

  • Fix - We were not correctly populating the Created by field for new people after recent updates to our API. We are now!

  • Tweak - The Analytics/All Progress report has been deprecated (as previously notified).

  • Tweak - We fine tuned multiple UI issues with the new Assessor pages.

  • Tweak - Custom field labels were not correctly showing in the template CSV (on the Upload People page in Admin) - they are now!

  • Tweak - We fixed the filters on the Topic/Tasks report in Admin (to better match the filters on Analytics/Tasks).

  • Tweak - When copying an element to a new part in a topic, the element would not copy if the other part did not have an initial Section element. This is now fixed and will now insert an initial Section element if one does not exist.

  • Tweak - The Analytics/Training History report was not working correctly when Groups was enabled. This is now fixed and the dropdown to select People now respects the Groups settings correct.

  • Tweak - Leading or trailing spaces on entry of a Token on the Registration page are now ignored (to reduce user error from copying/pasting Tokens).

28 September 2023 (Release 7838)

  • Feature - Notifications of 'pending items' for assessment. Assessors now see notifications on their dashboard and within the Assess menu of a topic or article when they have pending items to assess. When selecting assessable elements, the dropdown now groups elements into Pending and Complete to further help Assessors find pending items. Learn more about assessor notifications here.

  • Feature - Improved layout of assessable items. Then, when an assessor is reviewing learner submissions to assess, the tables of submissions have been streamlined and improved to made it easier to review submissions and complete assessments. Learn more about assessing items here.

  • Tweak - Updated popups and modals. We are starting the next round of UI improvements in the platform and first up was our modals/popups. Most have been upgraded to the new look and feel.

  • Tweak - We have updated several aspects of our front-end servers to make them speedier in several areas.

12 September 2023 (Release 7751)

  • Feature - New Analytics Report: Completion - Groups. The Completion - Groups report shows Topics and Articles with high level completion data by groups. It can be filtered by different options and viewed as a Percent or Number!

  • Feature - New Analytics Report: Knowledge. The Knowledge report shows all topics and articles enrolment and completion results with filter options. You can also use various different filters to search for specific knowledge, categories, skills and creators!

  • Feature - Creator 'Checklist' button! This shiny new button is available when creating or editing topics or articles. When clicked, you'll be directed to a helpful checklist for ensuring your content is ready for enrolments. The dropdown also allows you to publish first and subsequent versions of your content (which was previously done via the 'Preview' button). Be sure to use the button and its dropdown options for guidance when finalising your training content! Note: The dropdown options to request a topic review or polish are available for topics only.

  • Tweak - We have made a small update to the Completion and Certification reports to ensure data is consistent with other pages. This is with a new dropdown allowing you to toggle between viewing data based on enrolled users only (default) or viewing data by all users!

  • Tweak - The People report now includes 'Deactivation Date' data upon exporting. Making it easier for you to obtain these details to check when this information!

4 September 2023 (Release 7689)

  • Feature - New Analytics Report: Completion. The Completion report provides insight into the completion statuses and dates of all enrolments! Data can be filtered using various options and you can view by completion dates or statuses.

  • Tweak - The LMS Links report now includes details of expiration dates and the types of users created by each LMS Link.

  • Tweak: The UI of our Narration and Audio elements have been updated to show creators when their microphone is blocked by their browser and the element is therefore unable to record.

31 August 2023 (Release 7674)

  • Feature - Copy Glossary option. A new option is available in the Glossary section for Topics and Articles to select. You can now save time by using this feature to copy an existing Glossary and either replace or add to another Topic or Articles Glossary!

  • Feature - New level of Admin Access added. Need some more restricted admin access? Well, you can now use the new 'Restricted' option when assigning an Admin Access level. Users with this level access to only the Results and Contributions report groups in Analytics!

  • Feature - New Integrations page! Our new Integrations page in Admin, now lists all available integrations, enabled integrations, partnership platforms and help articles with popular HRIS, Employee Engagement, Payroll, CRM and cloud-storage platforms.

  • Tweak - The Reflect element has now had all the extra text (explanatory prompt) before each question removed. When adding multiple reflect elements now, they will just have the heading, question and input put - making it a lot nicer for your learners!

  • Tweak - LMS Links upgrade. Who doesn't love an upgrade?! Improvements to LMS Links to enforce enrolment limits, add date expiries, add user creation type and improved link creation UI have now been added!

  • Tweak - You may notice when you are in creator mode and select to add an element, the ? symbol is now orange! What does this do you say? Clicking this icon will open Sage to tell you more about the element and contain a link to it's dedicated Support Article!

  • Tweak - Lots of our elements when you are in creator mode, have now had a refresh to more closely match the look and feel of how they appear in explorer mode!

  • Tweak - Loading speed! We have optimised the speed and performance of the Admin -> Knowledge -> Topics (or Articles) area of the platform, making it 50% faster to load larger data in these areas.

10 August 2023 (Release 7591)

  • Feature - Admins may notice that we have added help icon links to almost every page and panel in the admin area. These icons link directly to our knowledge base articles about that page or panel. While admins can still search for answers in admin chat, these links can short-cut admins to help on specific features on that page or panel.

  • Tweak - A LOT of behind the scenes updates to key libraries, frameworks and integrations. You shouldn't notice anything, but our developers certainly do!

  • Fix - The new user's email and confirmation email on the self-registration page (when used with Tokens) was not always being compared to ensure they matched! D'oh! They are compared now. We also added additional logs around self-registration to improve back-end reporting for new user sign-up.

  • Fix - Second-level (and third, fourth, fifth and so on) managers could not view external knowledge records for members of teams. They can now!

  • Fix - Some fields in certain external knowledge records were not saving correctly. Now they are.

4 August 2023 (Release 7557)

  • Fix - Fixed an issue preventing correct filtering by Custom Fields in List type.

  • Fix - Fixed an issue preventing sorting Forum posts on new Forums tab.

3 August 2023 (Release 7546)

  • Feature - New learner dashboard tab: Forums. The new Forums tab, is now available on a learners dashboard. This allows the learner to easily access all posts for all forums (where enabled by an admin on a topic/article), which they can also filter and perform further actions against.

  • Feature - New learner dashboard tab: Assess. The new Assess tab, is another new tab for learners to access on their learner dashboard! Making it easy for them to locate and access any topic or articles that they have been enrolled as an assessor against! This is stage one in new features for Assessors - more coming soon!

1 August 2023 (Release 7534)

  • Feature - New Analytics Report: Training History. The new Training History report will show you all enrolments and external knowledge for a selected person!

  • Feature - New Analytics Report: Certification. The Certification report will show you insights into information on all enrolments in relation to certified dates! You can easily display data using various filters and by certified dates or certification status.

  • Tweak - All new layout for the Analytics report page! Reports are now in their own categories, making it easier for you to locate the right report relating to what you want to see.

  • Tweak - The Timelines report now have more logs added, providing visibility on when topics are copied (within a portal, from the library, from templates and between portals).

  • Tweak - Upgrades have been made to the PDF option of your Topics and Articles! There are now improved layouts of elements and other elements have been included to display that were previously not included.

27 July 2023 (Release 7516)

  • Tweak - Further improvements to the layout of popups on hotspot markers.

  • Tweak - Accordion interaction now has auto-scroll (scrolling to the top of the newly opened accordion item). This greatly improvements interaction on mobiles.

  • Tweak - Re-submissions of failed Q&A and Uploads tweaked to retained assessor comments, score and files (but still switch submission to pending).

12 July 2023 (Release 7460)

  • Tweak - We have now implemented the deletion of saved CSV Downloads in Admin/Analytics which are older than 30 days.

  • Bug - We fixed the Public API call to 'Get all enrolments for a specific user' to accept usernames with email addresses.

  • Bug - We identified an edge case impacting assessable Q&A and Upload events that had been failed by an assessor and were not correctly 'resetting' when the explorer resubmitted a new Q&A or Upload. This is bug of the month already.

11 July 2023 (Release 7457)

  • Feature - New Timeline tab for topics, articles, pathways and users. This allows you to go straight into a user or topic/article/pathway and see the timeline of events for that specific item!

  • Feature - New tabs for Uploads, Events and Tasks in topics and articles. Previously, details of uploads, events and tasks could only be accessed via the reports in Analytics. You can now access this information directly within the applicable topic or article!

  • Tweak - The 'Flipcard' layout of our Interact element now highlights the 300 character recommendation (it is not enforced or changed in the text editor as you may be flipping between various layouts).

  • Tweak - New users created on the self registration page now have any leading or trailing spaces removed from their name (if accidentally put in by the user).

29 June (Release 7443)

  • Feature - New Analytics Report: Active Users. The Active Users report provides insights into your users for a selected calendar month.

  • Feature - New Analytics Report: All Rules. The All Rules report allows you to filter and report on your enrolment rules.

  • Tweak - Added a filter for 'Enrolled by' on the All Enrolments report.. This can be used to search for enrolments by token, LMS link (using LMS reference) or auto-enrol links.

  • Tweak - Added a filter for token label on the recent All Tokens report.

19 June 2023 (Release 7399)

  • Feature - Topic and article Deletion Protection. Deletion Protection is a new feature for topics and articles. If enabled, it will prevent that topic or article from being deleted - until deletion protection is disabled. This feature can give an extra round of security for important topics or articles.

16 June 2023 (Release 7390)

  • Feature - New Analytics Report: LMS Links. The LMS Links Analytics report lists all LMS Links created in your portal, along with key usage information.

  • Tweak - Added new code to adjust for recent changes by Apple for iOS devices playing videos and audio.

  • Tweak - Some slight changes to SCORM element layout for explorers.

13 June 2023 (Release 7369)

  • Feature - New Analytics Report: Tokens. The Tokens Analytics report lists all self-registration tokens created in your portal, along with key usage information.

  • Tweak - Final tweaks to images in interact layouts to ensure all images scale correctly in all layouts.

  • Fix - Hotspot popups with long images or significant text were not rendering correctly. This has been resolved.

12 June 2023 (Release 7354)

  • Feature - Super Admins can create Groups. Groups is a brand new and powerful feature. It allows Super Admins to create a list of groups - similar to a Custom Field List. This might be a list of locations, teams or cohorts. When this feature is enabled and admins or assessors are assigned to a group(s), their user visibility is then restricted to that group(s). This can assist with privacy or simply reducing clutter / improving focus of those admins or assessors. Learn more about Groups in this article.

  • Feature - Audio element can now narrate a script. The audio element, which was previously used to share audio recordings (uploaded or recorded from your microphone), can now also be used to automatically narrate a script. The audio element now supports all our AI voiceovers from the Narration element! Learn more about how to use this feature in this article.

  • Tweak - The Manager email report now excludes archived topics or articles (from its list of overdue knowledge).

  • Fix - Some Match and Fill-In elements were not always requiring an explorer to answer / correctly answer before proceeding. They always do now!

  • Fix - The Answers report in Analytics and Topics/Articles was not downloading. Now it does.

  • Fix - Some organisations starting with the letter S or later were not having scheduled jobs run consistently - this is now resolved.

  • Fix - Some topics imported from the library were not correctly displaying as imported topics in the list of topics/articles in Admin (and so were also missing the Update link when appropriate).

5 June 2023 (Release 7321)

  • Tweak - Uploaded images now support 'click to zoom' - clicking on an image by an explorer will 'pop' the image and show it in full size (as the screen allows). NOTE: This feature is only possible for images uploaded natively into the Image, Interact (all layouts), Poll, Quiz and Hotspot elements (i.e. using the 'Click to add image' option). This feature is not possible for images pasted into the text editor (which is a third-party library that we do not control).

  • Tweak - The Hotspot element has been updated to bring it inline with with Interact element for creators. This also allows titles and uploaded images for each hotspot marker (with uploaded images supporting 'click to zoom'). We also tweaked a few bits of styling for explorers.

  • Tweak - We added several new characters to the Narration element in response to customer requests including some great new US voices, a new Irish voice, plus voices for Russian, French and Arabic.

  • Tweak - Our Public API was updated for the 'Get a specific enrolment' call to allow use of username (rather than user ID).

  • Fix - We fixed a very difficult bug where the video player was allowing keyboard short cuts to be triggered even when not being watched / in focus (which could create issues if a Q&A element was present on the same page). This change also fixed an issue where uploaded videos did not show a thumbnail until video processing was finalised. This is definitely 'Bug of the month' for June already.

  • Fix - Some smaller images were being scaled to fit the width of a container, making them look distorted. This is fixed and they now show at the proper size.

  • Fix - Creators and assessors no longer see archived topics or articles on their dashboard.

  • Fix - Some explorers were unable to 'click to complete' a task element - now they can!

  • Fix - Saved Downloads with very long filters now fit correctly within the Download table.

18 May 2023 (Release 7231)

  • Feature - Assessors can now add and share files for Q&A and Upload (in addition to Tasks). Some time ago we added the ability for assessors to save a file to a submitted task from a learner. They can now also do this with assessed Uploads and Q&A. In addition, there is now a new option to 'Show' that file to the learner. This may be useful to sharing detailed feedback / results with the learner (or even marking up their submission).

  • Tweak - We have made adding a label to task and upload elements mandatory (for all newly created or edited tasks and uploads).

  • Fix - We fixed a tricky little bug impacting resubmissions of assessed Q&A and Uploads by learners (after perhaps receiving a failed result). This should correct instances where the learner result was not being correctly updated.

  • Fix - We fixed a rare bug caused when viewing the progress of a learner in the admin area in a topic or article which had a task, upload or event which did not have a label.

16 May 2023 (Release 7212)

  • Feature - Automatic logout after 60 minutes of inactivity. We have added a new automatic logout feature, where users are fully logged out of the portal after 60 minutes of inactivity. Inactivity means no mouse movement or page reload for 60 minutes. A warning is given one minute before logout. This process improves security but also will assist some users who leave tabs open and return to the platform after an extended period (and perhaps have had an internet disconnection or cookie timeout in that period).

  • Fix - Small fix to the Knowledge/Articles menu tab in Admin, which stopped working when clicked (required page reload) after a recent update.

12 May 2023 (Release 7198)

  • Feature - Revised Topic and Article tables. We have completely revised the Knowledge/Topic and Knowledge/Article tables in the Admin area. Changes include pagination and speed increases (for organisations with >100 topics/articles), improved filtering options, updated enrolment/completion data and various other revisions.

  • Fix - Fixed a bug impacting Assessor comments which included a special character (like #, $ or &) which was causing those comments to be truncated when shown to explorers.

  • Fix - Fixed a bug that impacted new users created by LMS Link when the user had shifted between LMSes but retained the same student ID (typically their email).

11 May 2023 (Release 7191)

  • Fix - Fixed a bug preventing non-Super Admins from seeing the Admin link on the new dashboard. D'oh!

10 May 2023 (Release 7180)

  • Feature - New Learner Dashboards. We have completely revised the Learner Dashboards, both improving the layout, setting up for some new future features and adding more branding options. You can learn more in this article, including how to edit the banner for each dashboard with custom images and text.

  • Fix - Fixed a tricky little bug that impacted users created >5 years ago with regards to updating custom field data.

  • Fix - Fixed the time shown for articles and topics on pathway certificates.

28 April 2023 (Release 7110)

  • Feature - Improved CSV downloads for admins. We have completely rebuilt the process of downloading CSVs from reports in the Admin area. When an admin requests a CSV download from a report, it is now prepared as a background task and made available on a new Analytics/Downloads page. This process allows for several improvements: (a) Any sized CSV can now be downloaded (no more limits on numbers of rows!). (b) CSVs can be re-downloaded if you need that data again. (c) All CSVs are now tracked in the Timelines audit report, giving better visibility on admin actions. Learn more in this article.

18 April 2023 (Release 7074)

  • Feature - New Admin Access and Creator Access tables. We've added a small, but useful, set of new tables in Admin / Account / Access. The Admin Access table lists all your active Admins, their access level and last login. The Creator Access table lists all your users with Creator access (i.e. Set as Creator = Yes in their profile, not just assigned to a topic or article as a creator).

  • Fix - We resolved a bug that prevented Team Leaders from viewing the profiles of 'teams of teams' (i.e. the team members of one of their own team).

  • Fix - We altered the External Knowledge / Document type to default to 'General' as a sub-type (rather than 'null') to avoid some possible reporting issues,

15 April 2023 (Release 7064)

  • Tweak - The Poll and Q&A elements now have a new Label field. This is an optional field that can be used to improve data filtering by Admins. For example, you may add a label such as 'Feedback' to all your polls that obtain explorer feedback. You could then filter your poll results by the label 'Feedback' to only show those feedback polls. As a result, the Analytics reports for Answers and Responses now also contain a Label filter.

  • Tweak - We have fine-tuned layouts for portrait view on mobile phones for a wide variety of learner interactions. We will continue refining mobile layouts over the new few months with a dozen or so updates each time. This update improved polls, various interact layouts, columns and more.

  • Tweak - We have updated the Event element with improvements for the location field (esp URLs) and the notes field. We also improved the information displayed in calendar invites.

  • Fix - We fixed a little bug with the Skills Progression report in Analytics (so it now aligns with the Skills Attained report).

6 April 2023 (Release 7046)

  • Tweak - We've reorganised the new content box to better display all available Tribal Habits elements and make knowing what's what more obvious. We hope this will help you make even greater use of the vast number of options you have when creating training content.

  • Tweak - Several minor styling improvements have been made to the topic navigation page aiming to improve ease of use and general appearance.

  • Tweak - PDFs of topics or articles now include Quote, Divider, Button, Sort and Fill In elements.

4 April 2023 (Release 7033)

  • Fix - We fixed a rare issue with the Match element which could cause a bug in reporting (when a Match was edited while an explorer was retrying an incorrect Match).

  • Fix - The Manager Email Report was updated to fix a broken link but also improve the table of team members shown in the email.

3 April 2023 (Release 7027)

  • Tweak - Polls can now be optional. Polls have a new setting that allows them to be optional (skipped by explorers). Optional polls have a slightly different subheading for explorers ('Optional Poll').

  • Tweak - Public API updated. Our Public API has been updated with a few requested customer additions :

    • New APIs to get all enrolments for a single user

    • Added an 'updated_at' parameter to restricted returned data from a requested data/time

    • Fixed a bug with paginated results

  • Tweak - Small changes to some buttons in various interactions - renamed 'Click' to 'Select'.

  • Tweak - Various small tweaks for the new self-registration page.

  • Tweak - Primary admin settings moved to Admin/Accounts/Brand page along with minor restyling to that page.

  • Tweak - Added new OAuth2 login options for Prosper EX customers.

30 March 2023 (Release 6988)

  • FEATURE - Self-registration tokens. We have a big new feature for organisations that have external users who need to self-register into training - self-registration tokens. Once enabled in your portal, you can create 'tokens' that external users can utilise to create themselves as a new user and enrol into a specific module. Tokens can have limits for usage and dates, as well as other tracking options.

23 March 2023 (Release 6987)

  • FEATURE - Sort building block. Creators are getting a lot of love at the moment with another new building block - Sort! This interaction allows a creator to display 2-4 categories and a series of randomly selected items which the explorer must correctly sort into the different categories!

  • Tweak - Restyled the Resources tab in topics to only have one column which now only shows the item Label (with a hyperlink to the file or URL). This was requested by several organisations and improves the UI (esp for long URLs).

  • Fix - A naughty bug that was revealing correct answers in certain layouts with the Quiz element when the 'try again' feature was enabled. Resolved!

13 March 2023 (Release 6931)

  • Fix - A tricky little bug that impacted parent admins in child portals who were creators of a topic or article but then enrolled in a pathway containing those topics or articles. It's OK if you need to read that twice. It's fixed.

  • Fix - A final little issue with the Team page which was impacting non-admin Team Leaders is also resolved.

7 March 2023 (Release 6910)

  • FEATURE - Button building block. We have yet another new building block - Button! It's an accurate label too - creators can insert a button that links to a URL. You can style the button to suit and add some explanatory text. It's a great way to 'pop' an important link.

  • FEATURE - Filter for creator and assessor enrolments. We've added some new filtering options for the Analytics/All Enrolments report and the Assess pages in topics and articles which allow more accurate filtering of creator and assessor enrolments. In both cases, creator and assessor enrolments are excluded from reports by default, but can now be added in (or isolated) as needed.

  • Tweak - We tweaked the completion email sent to explorers and changed the text about certificates so that it now includes a link directly to their certificate.

  • Fix - We stomped on a few more CSV downloads that were not showing the new custom field list type correctly.

  • Fix - For organisations using custom domains, the auto-enrol links for pathways was not showing with the custom domain. It is now!

  • Fix - The 'team of your team members' was not showing for Team Leaders on their dashboard unless the Team Leader was also an admin. That's been fixed!

  • Fix - We have an early contender for 'bug of the month' with a tricky little gremlin that occurred when adding or removing a topic or article from a pathway AND there were explorers with lapsed enrolments in that pathway.

28 February 2023 (Release 6857)

  • FEATURE - Fill-in building block. We have a fantastic new building block for creators called Fill-In. Its a 'fill in the blank' quiz. You can present learners with a question and they have to type a response that matches a list of acceptable answers. You can create math questions but also single word responses or fill in the blanks. As a quiz, its also fully accessible in the assessment!

  • Tweak - Several little, but useful, changes to the Interact element.

    • Instructional text is now optional.

    • Item titles are now optional.

    • Accordion does not open item 1 by default.

    • Items accept 3,000 characters of text (up from 2,000).

    • Process and Acronym layouts no longer stretch images to fit width.

  • Tweak - The Image element has also been tweaked to allow 1,000 characters of text and to improve overlay captions.

  • Fix - Files uploaded by assessors into Task elements were not accessible by assessors after initial URL time expiry. Dang it! That's now fixed.

  • Fix - The one column and two column layouts for Quiz were showing the correct answers but the formatting was missing the green tick! Ticks are now present.

15 February 2023 (Release 6817)

  • FEATURE - Assessor file upload for Tasks. We've introduced the ability for assessors to upload files when verifying learner completion of a task. This could be a photo or video of the learner completing the task, a completed task sheet for that learner, a signature page, and so on.

  • FEATURE - Custom OAuth2 login support. We can now support custom OAuth2 authorisation processes for user logins. This feature is particularly useful if your organisation uses another platform to create its users and that platform can act as a OAuth2 identify provider (e.g. users from your software platform with OAuth2 credentials could log into your Tribal Habits portal using the same username/password). This feature requires some small custom development work by our team for your integration, so please contact support to learn more.

  • Fix - A retake enrolment in a topic or article containing an assessable task, upload or Q&A were having some 'automatic completion' errors. This is now fixed.

  • Fix - The Analytics/All Progress reports were not using the correct labels for the new List custom field type. Sorted!

  • Fix - In one of the strangest bugs in some time, if a new Assessment in a topic had a required number of quizzes starting with a 1, then the required passmark had to match that number of quizzes and couldn't be set to anything else. Yes, you are right, that did take a little while to figure out. Its fixed.

  • Fix - Hotspot markers that contained an image in their content were not correctly formatting over the hotspot image. That's now fixed.

31 January 2023 (Release 6741)

  • FEATURE - Custom Domains / Vanity URLs. We are very pleased to announce that custom domains are now available. This means you can 'mask' your Tribal Habits URL with a custom URL from your own domain. Please see this support article for all the details, including requirements for this feature as well as the step-by-step to request its activation from our support team.

23 January 2023 (Release 6724)

  • FEATURE - Improved Profile page. The user Profile page (accessed via the explorer dashboard) has been enhanced! Rather than a single page, the Profile page is now split into four tabs (similar to the Team page) to better organise data for learners. We've also added improved reporting on roles and categories (CPD).

18 January 2023 (Release 6723)

  • FEATURE - New layout options for the Quiz building block. Similar to our recent update to the Poll element, we've introduced different layout options for your quizzes. These include two columns (versus the existing, default option of one column) and buttons - choose from two, three, four, five or ten - which work best with short choices (1-3 words per choice). Since variety is the spice of life, you can now add a touch of spice to your quizzes!

16 January 2023 (Release 6721)

  • FEATURE - Improved custom fields! It's a big one! We have significantly upgraded the custom fields functionality in the platform. There are now four types of custom fields, including numbers, dates and lists. List fields can have customised items, allowing user data to be set by dropdowns in the platform.

    • The Upload People CSV process fully supports the new fields and will validate cell data during the upload to ensure it conforms to the required fields.

    • The Public API and Zapier API also fully support the new fields, including showing the correct validations in the Zapier UI.

    • The All People filter box fully supports the new fields, with customised filtering options for the different types of fields (before/after for dates, higher/lower for numbers, dropdowns for lists).

    • Catalogue and Automated Rules also fully support the new fields, allowing you to create enrolments rules based on any combination of the new fields.

    • Please note that existing fields cannot be changed to new field types. You must create a new field and migrate your data into the new field type to ensure validation of all data. You can learn more about this process (including data migration) in this article.

  • Tweak - The Assessment column for Topic and Article enrolment pages is back and correctly showing assessment results, dates and retake information.

11 January 2023 (Release 6704)

  • Happy New Year! We have a lot of new features created over the last month which are undergoing final testing and will be released over the next week. Let's begin with a range of tweaks and fixes.

  • Tweak - The All People CSV download now includes all custom fields, not just the custom fields selected for visibility on that table.

  • Tweak - SCORM Element has a new checkbox to disable IP address checking. 99% of organisations can ignore this checkbox - it solves a very specific issue for some organisations (so we will advise if you ever need to check it).

  • Tweak - The per cent complete for a pathway enrolment is now back! It accidentally went away when we updated the All Enrolments analytics report.

  • Fix - Videos within a topic or article were not copying if that topic or article was copied. Turns out a library we relied on for that stopped working! We have replaced that lazy library with a new one.

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