It is possible to create and download a PDF of your topics and articles in Tribal Habits (you cannot PDF topics imported from Tribal Habits libraries).

This is typically for compliance review or auditing, but its also useful if you want to review your content in written form or circulate the content for review by people outside the platform.

Only Admins can create a topic or article PDF.

Navigate to the topic or article in your Admin portal. You will see a 'PDF Topic' or 'PDF Article' button on the top right. This will create a PDF of your content in a new window, which you can then save or download.

Please note that...

  • Only topics or articles created by your organisation are available for PDF. You cannot PDF a Development or Compliance topic which you have imported (unless you have also purchased an 'unlocked' version of that topic).

  • The PDF is focused on content review and reporting. It contains simple formatting and no branding.

  • Narration scripts (and Narration text slides), polls, quizzes, match, hotspot and Q&A elements are all included in the PDF, including any feedback options in those elements and all images in those elements.

  • Platform generated modules like Overview, Insights, Assessment, Activities and Destination are not included in the PDF. Activities themselves are included, but limited to the activity title, instructions and deadline.

  • The front page of the PDF includes details of the content source and any version details.

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