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What is the Forum tab on my learner dashboard?
What is the Forum tab on my learner dashboard?

The Forum tab is a way for learners to access all posts from all forums (where enabled).

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The Forum tab on your learner dashboard will only be present if you are enrolled in at least one Topic or Article that has a forum enabled.

If you do see the Forum tab on your learner dashboard, it means that you can then use this tab to view all posts from all of your forums. Select the Forums tab to be taken into the below screen:

By default you will see all forums and these are sorted by most recent, however, you can use the available filters to search via the options below:

  • Keywords: Search posts by word or phrase

  • All forums: Use this option to filter by All Forums (by default) or select to choose a specific Topic / Article from the drop-down

  • Most recent: You can use this drop-down to filter on other sorting options, which are, 'Most popular' (i.e most favourited) or 'Most replies'

You can also use the Star on any forum post in your list to favourite them! When you or other learners favourite posts, this will be used to determine the 'Most popular' items when filtering.

Viewing a specific Forum post:

When you click on a post in your Forum tab, you will be taken to that post for the selected topic/article. This is where you can edit or delete (your own posts), favourite a post, view replies and also write replies.

How to perform actions against a specific Forum post:

To edit a post: Click the edit button (pencil icon)

To delete a post: Click the delete button (trash can icon)

To favourite a post: Select the star icon (you can also see how many times a post has been favourited by the number that appears next to the star)

To write a reply: Click the 'Write a reply' button that lives under the post. Be sure to then select 'Save reply'

How to 'flag' a post or reply for moderation:

When you access a post or a reply that has been written by a different learner. You will see an additional option for selection. This is the 'flag' icon and selecting this means that this post will be flagged to an admin for moderation.

Note: You should only flag posts or replies that you find inappropriate.

Next steps:

Once you are done, you can navigate back to your learner dashboard by clicking the back arrow (top-left of the page).

Alternatively, you can select the 'Return to topic posts' button to view all posts for this topic or article. If you return to this page to view all posts, you can then use this page to search for other posts on the selected topic/article, sort the posts by Most recent, Most popular or Most replies and also write a post.

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