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How are assessors assigned to topics or articles?
How are assessors assigned to topics or articles?

Assessors can be assigned to topics or articles in a variety of ways (and removed as assessors as well).

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There are two ways to assign an assessor to a topic or article.

1. Via the Access tab - Admins can add or remove assessors to a topic or article after it has been set-up (by an admin or creator), from the Access tab of that topic/article. Navigate to Admin → Knowledge → Topics/Articles, click on a topic/article and view the Access tab. Click 'Edit Creators' and in the text box next to 'Assessors' start typing the name of the person you want to assign. Select the person, then repeat to add more than one assessor. Click 'Save' when ready.

To remove someone as an assessor, follow the same steps as outlined above but after clicking 'Edit Creators'. click the X symbol next to an assessors name to remove them as an assessor, then click 'Save'.

2. Via an individual's profile page - Admins can make someone an assessor (or change their assignment from assessor to either explorer or creator) for a topic or article from their profile. Navigate to Admin → People, locate the person you want to nominate (using a filter, if necessary) and click their name. Change to the Topics or Articles tab, as relevant, and click the 'Make Assessor' option.

To unassign someone as an assessor, follow the same steps as outlined above but click either 'Make Creator' or 'Make Explorer'.

Assessor FAQs

Can a topic/article have more than one assessor?


Can a topic/article have no assessors?

Yes. You only need to assign assessors when there is something to assess or review!

If I remove an assessor from a topic/article, what happens?
Basically nothing. That person will lose the ability to assess the topic/article, but nothing else will be impacted.

Can someone be an assessor of more than one topic/article?

Can someone be both a creator and assessor of the same topic/article?
No. A person can only be a creator OR an assessor of a particular topic/article. Creators also have assessor functions. Assessors are limited to only assessor functions (and cannot edit/create the content).

How can I see who are the assessors of a topic/article?
Navigate to the Access tab of the relevant topic/article where you can see a list of assessors under the first panel, below the list of assigned creators.

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