Each topic and article has access to a Glossary. The Glossary can contain a list of important terms and definitions which you would like explorers to be able to access at any time:

Explorers can access the Glossary by navigating to the top right hand side of their screen, next to their Journal, at any time within their topic or article:

How do creators add a Glossary?

Creators can add a Glossary to their topic or article by navigating to the “Settings” panel within creator mode, and “Manage glossary”.

Mark the checkbox “Enable Glossary for explorers” and click on “Add new term”. Here, there are several columns:

  • Term.

  • Definition.

  • Manage. You can use the arrows to move the terms up or down to control the order in which the terms are displayed. You can also delete terms via the trash can icon.

You can also disable the glossary to hide it from explorers (while still retaining the contents).

If using the assessment feature (topics only), the Glossary will be automatically hidden during the assessment.

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