If you would like to update an existing person's details, login as an Admin and switch to Admin mode. Find the person you wish to update in the People view or from within the list of explorers within a topic. This will bring up the Profile for that person where you can review and edit their details and manage enrolments.

There are four tabs of information for each person.

  • Profile. This tab has the user's profile information, including any custom fields of data. On this tab, you can edit their profile information, make them an Administrator of your portal, change their password, deactivate their access or send an invitation email. You can also review their training history.

  • Topics. This tab lists all the topics in your portal. You can manage this user's enrolments for these topics on this page, including enrolling and enrolling, making them a creator of custom topics, managing due dates and completion or event resetting their enrolment.

  • Articles and Pathways. These tabs have the same functions as on the Topics tab but for articles and pathways!

How do I update a group of people at once?

You can update profile information for a large group of people using the Upload People function. With this function, you can create a spreadsheet to update (or create) profile information for a group of people such as when changing a team manager, location or division name.

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