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How do I update a person's details?

You can edit the profile and manage the enrolments of existing users in your portal.

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To update an existing person's details in your Tribal Habits portal, follow these steps:

  1. Log in as an Admin and access the Admin area of your portal.

  2. Locate the person you want to update (on the People page or from within a list of explorers in a topic, article or pathway) and click their name to open their profile.

  3. Manage the person's details and enrolments using the various tabs, as outlined below.

Profile tabs

The following tabs are available on each person's profile in Tribal Habits.

  • Profile: This tab is where the user's profile information is stored, including any custom fields. On this tab, you can edit their profile information, make them an Administrator, enable Creator access, specify up to five managers, change their password, deactivate their access or send an invitation email.

  • History: This tab allows you to review an explorer's training history. For a PDF of the user's training history, click the download icon.

  • Roles (if applicable): This tab is only visible if the user has one or more roles assigned to them. On this tab, you can see the user's progress against the competencies required by their assigned roles.

  • Team (if applicable): This tab is only visible if the user has been set as a manager for one or more users in your portal. On this tab, you can see each member of the user's team along with any custom fields which have been configured to show on your users' profiles. Additionally, you can subscribe the user to a 'Manager's Email Report' to be received via email on the 1st or 15th of each month.

  • Topics: This tab lists all the topics in your portal and allows you to manage the user's enrolments in them, including enrolling and unenrolling, making them a creator of custom topics, managing due dates and completions or resetting their enrolment.

  • Articles: This tab has the same functions as the Topics tab but for articles.

  • Pathways: This tab has the same functions as the Topics tab but for pathways.

  • Notes: This tab enables you to record and update notes about the user.

  • Timeline: This tab allows you to run a timeline report on the selected user. You are able to filter by Knowledge, Events and Actions for all dates or you may select specific dates. You then have the ability to save the search and download a copy.

Additionally, you can change a user's password, record knowledge against them or delete them via any tab of a user's profile by clicking the 'I want to...' drop-down in the top-right and selecting the applicable option.

Note: Deleting a user from your portal is a permanent action. If you delete a user, all enrolment and progress details will be removed and cannot be recovered.

Can I update profile information for a group of people at once?

Yes. You can update profile information for a large group of people using the Upload People function.

With this function, you can prepare a spreadsheet to update (or create) profile information for a group of people such as when changing a team manager, location or division name.

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