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What is the Permissions panel on a user profile for?
What is the Permissions panel on a user profile for?

The Permissions panel manages user permissions for admins and creators, as well as showing Team Leader status.

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When Admins view a user profile in the admin area, there is a panel on the Profile tab called Permissions. This panel manages each user's permissions within the platform. This panel can be edited by (certain access levels of) Admins as follows.

Platform Champion, Admin and Admin Access

NOTE: Only Super Admins can edit the Platform Champion, Admin and Admin Access rows. If you want to make someone an admin in your portal and you are not a Super Admin, please contact a Super Admin in your portal to request this.

NOTE: Customers on an Active 50 or larger plan can assign varying levels of admin access to their portal admins. For smaller plans, all admins have the 'Super' level permission.

IMPORTANT: Tribal Habits Support cannot change the admin permissions of any user. If you request Support to change your admin permission or that of any other user, we will decline and request that you contact a Super Admin in your portal.

  • Platform Champion: Super Admins can select their platform champions only from the Subscription tab. If this appears as Yes in the user profile, this means this user is a person to contact in your organisation who is responsible for driving the Tribal Habits implementation from your side, keeping up-to-date with how the system works and essentially becoming a power user.

  • Admin: Yes or No. Yes means this person can have admin access BUT you may also need to further specify their level of admin via the Admin Access row. Only Super Admins can change this permission.

  • Admin Access: None or, for customers on an Active 50 or larger plan, a choice of one of the Admin Access levels. Customers on smaller plans can only create admins with the 'Super' level permission. Regardless of plan type, only Super Admins can change this permission.


  • Creator: Yes or No. Selecting Yes allows this person to see the CREATE button on their learner dashboard and start to create training of their own. This setting does not automatically grant this person the ability to edit all training. Creators must still be assigned to each training module. This is purely about seeing the CREATE button on the learner dashboard.

  • Without admin access, users with this permission applied are unable to enrol learners into the training they create or make it available in catalogues for self-enrolment.

  • Only Super Admins and Standard Admins can enable Creator permissions for a user.

Team Leader (Why can't I edit the Team Leader field?)

  • Team Leader: Yes or No.

IMPORTANT: This row cannot be edited. The Team Leader permission is calculated by the platform and not editable by you. It will be YES if this user is the manager of another user in this platform. This is determine by the Manager 1-5 Email fields. Learn more here.

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