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How can I record training, licences, accreditations, documents and qualifications?
How can I record training, licences, accreditations, documents and qualifications?

Our External Knowledge function allows learners and admins to record training, licenses, accreditations, documents and qualifications.

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Knowledge in Tribal Habits can be thought of in two ways:

  1. Internal knowledge. This is knowledge that is created and completed within your Tribal Habits platform itself. So this includes topics, articles and pathways including events and SCORM modules within those items. In these cases, the enrolment, tracking and reporting is managed within the platform.

  2. External knowledge. This is knowledge that exists outside your Tribal Habits platform. In this case, it is knowledge and training completed in an external environment which your Tribal Habits platform has no immediate tracking or reporting for. This occurs commonly, as your learners are likely to engage with knowledge in external workshops and other training providers.

Our External Knowledge feature allows you to capture this external knowledge within your Tribal Habits platform so that you can have a single view of all knowledge held by your learners.

Note: The External Knowledge feature is enabled by default in your portal, to disable external knowledge - please see the below steps.

What types of external knowledge can be recorded?

When a new external knowledge item is created, you can select from four different types of external knowledge.

  1. Training. Any other training completed outside this learning platform which qualifies for training records - e.g. professional development workshops, external online training, third-party webinars.

  2. Certificate. A certification obtained in a particular skill or competency from a recognised provider - e.g. first aid, Microsoft products, coaching methods, SEO tools.

  3. Qualification. An academic or vocational qualification obtained from a recognised education provider - e.g. university degrees, postgraduate studies, vocational training.

  4. License. A licence obtained for a specific tool or vehicle - e.g. drivers license, forklift licence, specialised machinery operations.

  5. Document. Any other document to be stored against your profile – perhaps a policy agreement, performance management document, medical certificate or any other document. NOTE – Please use the License, Qualification, Certification and Training types where appropriate. This Document option is for general HR or administrative documents only.

How can external knowledge be recorded?

External knowledge can be added to a learner in four ways.

  • First, by the learner. Individual learners can add external knowledge to their profile page via the dashboard.

    There is a Record Knowledge button above the History tables.

    Note: Learners can only edit and delete external knowledge they have created. They cannot edit or delete knowledge created by an admin or manager.

  • Second, by a team leader. Team leaders can access the profiles of their team members from the Team page on their dashboard. They can then use the Record Knowledge to add a record to that team member. This can be very useful for the Document type, which allows managers to upload and store documents for their team members.

  • Third, by an admin. Admins can view a learner's History tab in the admin area, click the 'I want to...' button and select 'Record Knowledge'.

What is recorded when external knowledge is added?

When a new external knowledge item is created, you start by selecting one of the types of external knowledge: training, licence, accreditation or qualification.

For each type of external knowledge, a form is then created for the learner or admin to complete. The form will vary slightly with each type of knowledge, but will capture information including:

  • Title, code and provider

  • Completion date and expiry date (if any)

  • Relevant information like licence or qualification type

  • Assessment scores

  • Training time

  • Continuing education allocation (points or time) when enabled

  • Skills attained (select from skills required for this user from assigned roles)

  • General notes

  • File uploads for certificates or other relevant files

How is external knowledge tracked?

External knowledge is treated similarly to internal knowledge. It will be visible in the History tables for learners, included in calculations for training time and added to continuing education reporting.

Explorers can review, edit or delete their external knowledge items from their Profile, while Admins can do the same on the History tab for individual explorers.

Can I view reports on external knowledge?

Admins can also view all External Knowledge recorded in their portal in the Admin area at AdminKnowledgeExternal and there is an External Knowledge report available at AdminAnalytics. These pages allow for detailed reporting by people, types of knowledge, completion or expiry dates and more.

Can I disable external knowledge?

Your organisation may wish to not use the external knowledge feature and that's ok! To disable this feature please follow the below steps:

  1. Super Admins will need to go to Admin Account Subscription

  2. Locate the 'External Knowledge' option and use the toggle to disable (screenshot below is an example of External Knowledge disabled)

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