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How do I manage a users access?

Each users profile has an Access panel, which can help view and manage certain user access actions.

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When managing your users, there may be times that you need to step in as an admin to review or perform certain tasks related to a single users access. This is all managed once you have navigated to Admin -> People, you have located your user, clicked their name and opened there profile.

When you are in a users Profile tab, you will see various different panels on this page. The 'Access' panel (as shown below), has links to actions you are able to perform and information on their user profile access.

Here is a breakdown on the information available and tasks that can be actioned:

  • Status: this shows whether the user is 'Active' or 'Deactivated'. If you need to deactivate a user, you can do so by selecting the 'Deactivate' option and this will then stop the user from being able to login. Note: If you deactivate a user, you can still reactivate them any time in this same area, you will have a 'Reactivate' option instead.

  • Deactivate Date: you can set a specific date to deactivate a user using the 'Select date' option, on that date, the user will no longer be able to login.

  • Invitation: this will either say 'yes' or 'no' and relates to whether an invitation email has been sent to the user. You can use the 'Send now' option to send the invitation email.

  • Password reset: this is where you can select 'Force on next login', meaning when the user logs in next, they will be forced to change their password before logging into the portal.

  • User Notifications: this will either be 'yes' or 'no' and is how you can nominate whether a user should get notifications (e.g enrolment emails, reminders etc).

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