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What are the Standard Fields for users (default fields)?
What are the Standard Fields for users (default fields)?

Standard Fields are the default fields for user data and include some mandatory / compulsory fields.

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People in Tribal Habits have both Standard Fields (default fields within Tribal Habits) and Custom Fields (unique fields for your organisation).

Standard Fields are default fields for all users and include some mandatory (compulsory) fields. Let's review all of the Standard Fields here.

  • First name (Required).

  • Last name (Required).

  • User name (Required - Must be unique): This is the unique identifier for this user. It is often just their email, which you then repeat in the email field again below. However, it may be a staff ID number or another login name. The User Name should, ideally, never change. It should be the constant ID for this person - this allows their email to change over time without impacting long-term data reporting. Once again, using a person's email for their user name is very popular - just insert their email in both fields.

  • Email (Required - Must be unique): If the User Name is also their email, just re-enter their email address here again. Users can log in with either their user name or email address. This field must be a valid email address.

  • Type (Required): Staff, Client or Prospect. Defaults to Staff. You can learn more about this field in this article.

  • Administrator: This is an optional selection. By selecting this checkbox, this person will gain Administrator rights to your portal. Please note that you cannot see this choice for your own user profile - this prevents you from accidentally removing your own Administrator rights. Also, only Administrators with Super Admin Access level can edit this option.

  • Manager 1-5 emails: These are optional fields, which you can add now or later. You can enable notifications to Managers in selected topics, allowing this person's manager to be notified as this person achieves selected milestones in the topic. A valid email address for their manager is required here for the notifications to activate. In addition, if the manager is also a user in your platform, then the manager will see this person on their Team page.

  • Mentor email: This is an optional field, much like the Manager email. It allows a mentor (or another stakeholder) to be included in notifications. Unlike the Manager email function, Mentors have no 'Team' view of their mentees.

  • Login (Only visible if SSO is enabled - If so, then Required): Internal or External. This field will only be visible in organisations that have single-sign-on enabled. Internal users are users within your SSO environment (and therefore do not need a Tribal Habits password, as they will log in via your SSO process). External users are users outside your SSO environment, who will need to set a password and log in via the external login page. You can learn more about this field in this article.

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