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How do invitation emails work?

You can send invitation emails to new users when you initially create them up or at any time.

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Tribal Habits has a built-in invitation process for both new users and existing users. The invitation email is not editable and will vary slightly depending on your organisation's setup.

  • If your organisation does not have single-sign-on enabled, then all users will receive the same invitation email, which welcomes them to your portal and provides a secure link requesting them to set an initial password.

  • If your organisation has single-sign-on enabled, then the invitation email will depend on the LOGIN setting chosen for each user. 'Internal' users will receive a welcome invitation with a link to your portal, while 'External' users will receive an invitation with a secure link requesting them to set an initial password (plus information on the correct login URL for future access).

Invitations for new people

When you create a new person in your Tribal Habits platform, you can choose to send an invitation email at that moment.

  • When creating a single new person, there is an 'Invitation' panel. In this panel, you can choose to send an invitation or not.

  • Alternatively, if you are uploading new users, there is an option to send invitation emails to new users (or existing users as discussed below) as part of the upload process.

Invitations for existing people

To manage invitations for existing people, there are several options.

  • Send an invitation email to a single person. Select the person in the admin area to view their Profile. On their Profile tab, in the Access panel, there is a row called 'Invitation' with a quick link to send an invitation email ('Send now'). If an invitation email has already been sent, you will instead see the date the email was sent and an option to cancel the invitation.

  • Send an invitation to a filtered group of people. Admins can also go to Admin β†’ People, filter and select users as needed before clicking the 'Bulk action' button and selecting 'Invite people'.

  • Upload a spreadsheet of people to invite. The Upload People function can also be used to send invitations to everyone in that upload - not just new users. This option is selected in step 3 of the upload process.

Security and invitation emails

Note: For security reasons, once an invitation email has been sent, the user MUST use that invitation email to log in.

Their account will be locked until the invitation email is used. If a user is unable to find their invitation email, you can cancel the invitation email and set a password for them.

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