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Adding important contact details and platform information to your Tribal Habits portal
Adding important contact details and platform information to your Tribal Habits portal

Where to add important contact and platform details relating to your Tribal Habits portal.

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In the Subscription tab in your portal, Super Admins can list out important key contacts and technologies associated with your Tribal Habits subscription. These details help your new Super Admins and our teams reach the right person in your organisation and help us understand what you might need from an integration perspective.

Adding or updating details on your Subscription tab

By navigating to Admin β†’ Account β†’ Subscription tab, Super Admins can view:

  • Current subscription details

  • Key contacts relating to your Tribal Habits portal

  • Details of any core IT technologies that you use to help with integration planning

Note: When adding your Key Contacts to Tribal Habits, the same person may be listed across multiple roles.

Adding or updating Key Contacts

Add in your Key Contacts for your Tribal Habits subscription by clicking on the 'Edit Contacts' link on the right.

Account Owner

This is the authorised individual at your organisation who has ultimate responsibility for your subscription with Tribal Habits. This person is typically the signatory for your subscription contract with Tribal Habits.

Account Contact

This is the authorised individual at your organisation with whom our Solutions team can discuss your subscription.

This may be the same person as the Account Owner, but in larger organisations may be a different person (i.e. the Account Contact is typically the day-to-day person with responsibility for the platform, like a HR or Training Manager, while the Account Owner may be someone who is only involved for contracts, like a CFO or CEO).

Finance Contact

This is the person our Finance team can send invoices to or contact about payments.

Technical Contact

This is the person our Support team can contact about technical questions for your platform (for issues around Single-Sign-On or Vanity URLs).

Adding or updating Platform Champions

Platform champions are the key people actually using the platform. They may be creators and/or admins, but should be the 'power users' or most frequently active users in the portal.

Platform Champions

Platform champions are responsible for driving the Tribal Habits implementation from your side, keeping up-to-date with how the system works and essentially becoming a power user.

Making someone a platform champion does not impact their permissions in the platform in any way - its purely so that your other admins 1) know who to ask more complex questions to and 2) so the Tribal Habits Support team knows who critical users are in case we need to reach out about an issue or inform them of new features / ideas.

Important! Admins can only nominate platform champions on the Subscription tab in the Contacts panel. If someone is a Platform Champion, they will have a YES in the Platform Champions row in the Permissions panel of their user profile in admin., however, the information cannot be edited via a user's profile.

Adding or updating Platforms details

To help us better understand your IT ecosystem, add in the details of any Identity or HR and Payroll platforms that your business uses by clicking on the 'Edit Platforms' link on the right.

Identity Platform

This is the platform which manages any identity or authorisation integrations with Tribal Habits, typically for Single-Sign-On (SSO). Examples include Azure AD or Okta.

HR Platform

This is your organisation's HR/HRIS/HRCM platform, which manages your employee's HR details. Examples include foundU, intelliHR, Employment Hero, EmployeeConnect or BambooHR.

Payroll Platform

This is your organisation's payroll platform, which may be the same as your HR Platform or may be different. Examples include foundU, Employment Hero or KeyPay.

Engagement Platform

This is your organisation's employee engagement platform, which typically manages employee survey's, personal development or organisational culture. Examples include Prosper EX.

Note: We're always looking to add to our suite of integrations, so if you have a new system that's not currently on our list, there are a few guidelines to consider. We can develop custom integrations with other platforms that have a REST-based Public API.

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