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How do I manage the Topics or Articles in my portal?
How do I manage the Topics or Articles in my portal?

In the Knowledge area of your portal is where your administrators can manage your organisations topics and articles.

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If you need to manage your Topics or Articles in your portal, administrators can easily do this by navigating to Admin -> Account -> Knowledge. There are tabs for Topics and Articles, selecting either option will allow you to perform different actions against your Topics or Articles.

Please review Pathways, Library, Templates or External for details on these tabs.

Below is a breakdown of the functions available, regardless of whether you are in the Topics or Articles tab.

Available actions:

  • Filter and search your topics/articles - There are various options for filtering your topics/articles. For more information, click here.

  • Create new knowledge - At the top of the page, you can use the 'I want to...' button to select 'Create new knowledge' or 'Create new pathway' depending on the type of knowledge you want to create.

  • Export a CSV file of your topics or articles - The download button at the top of the page allows you to export a CSV file of the topics or articles available in your portal. Please note, this download may take some time and will be available to you from the Download area of Analytics when ready. This download includes the following information:

  • View details specific to each topic or article - Your list of topics displays information pertinent to each including the version number (if applicable), author (or relevant library, if imported), and details of any assigned categories, skills, due dates, access options, number of enrolments and percentage of completions. Please note, the enrolments calculation is based on current enrolments from activated people only. Lapsed enrolments and those of creators, assessors and deactivated users are not included.

  • Access the admin area of a topic or article - By clicking on a topic or article in the list, you can access the admin area of the topic where you can manage various aspects of the topic (including it's access, notifications and settings), view information about enrolments as well as responses and answers to elements within the topic, and access the topic in edit mode (not available for imported library topics).

  • Perform bulk actions - When you select one or more topics or articles on the page, the 'Bulk Action' button becomes available. Click the button to perform bulk actions including delete knowledge, add categories, add skills, move to active/draft, and archive knowledge.

Filtering and searching topics or articles

You can filter and search topics in your portal as follows:

  • Search for topics or articles in your portal using keywords. This will search the title and overview along with categories and skills, if applicable.

  • Filter topics or articles by visibility (i.e. active, draft, active and draft, or archived).

  • Filter topics or articles by assigned categories.

  • Filter topics or articles by assigned skills.

  • Filter topics or articles by creator (including compliance and capability library type items).

  • Filter topics or articles by the type of access they've been granted. This includes filtering by topics which:

Note: The 'Reset' button on the page allows you to clear any filters once applied.

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