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What are active vs draft vs archived topics and articles?
What are active vs draft vs archived topics and articles?

The active, draft and archived statuses help admins manage topics and articles in their portal. Pathways can also be active or archived.

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In Tribal Habits, your topics and articles can be labelled as 'active', 'draft' or 'archived'.

These statuses essentially act as folders for storing your content and communicating their visibility (or readiness) to other admins.

Note: A status of 'draft' does not change whether explorers can be enrolled into a topic or article.

By default, when you access the 'Topics' or 'Articles' tab in 'Knowledge', only 'active' content is visible. To see draft or archived content, you must change the drop-down selection from 'Show active topics' to one of the alternative options, as required.

Similarly, pathways can have a visibility status of 'active' or 'archived'. Please note, 'draft' visibility does not exist for pathways.

Draft vs active knowledge

The ability to organise content into 'draft' or 'active' has been designed to allow you to separate content that is 'a work in progress' from that which is 'ready to go'.

  • Active content is the knowledge that admins should be monitoring as it has activity and enrolments. Typically, this content has or will soon have active enrolments.

  • Draft content, on the other hand, is knowledge which is being created, under review, being updated and so on, or is withdrawn from active enrolments for now. Draft knowledge is available for admins to manage, but is initially hidden to reduce clutter. To see it, select 'Show draft topics/articles' or 'Show active and draft topics/articles'.

Note: All newly created, copied or imported topics and articles are set to 'Draft' by default.

Once a topic or article is ready for enrolments (and, ideally, published to Version #1), an admin should make it active to move it to the default page of topics/articles, highlighting that it is ready to go.

Archived knowledge

Archived content is knowledge that will no longer have enrolments or updates and can be hidden away more completely.

You can archive a topic, article or pathway once you are finished with it. This will remove it from explorer dashboards and disable enrolment options, but retain the content and historical enrolment data for the future.

In addition, when a topic, article or pathway is set to archived, several enrolment options are disabled. For more information, see our article on archiving or deleting knowledge.

IMPORTANT! Archived topics, articles and pathways retain training histories, so if a topic, article or pathways is no longer relevant, it is best to archive it rather than delete it.

Once a topic, article or pathway is archived, you can still change it back to 'draft' (for topics and articles only) or 'active' (for any type of knowledge), at any time.

Setting visibility for topics and articles

Admins can set the visibility of topics, articles and pathways in two ways, as described below.

Using the bulk actions on the Topics, Articles or Pathways tab.

  1. Navigate to the 'Topics', 'Articles' or 'Pathways' tab of 'Knowledge', as required.

  2. Locate and select one or more topics, articles or pathways, as applicable (you can use the checkboxes next to the name of a topic, article or pathway to select it).

  3. Click the 'Bulk Action' button and select 'Move to active', 'Move to draft' (for topics and articles only) or 'Archive knowledge' depending on the visibility you'd like to set.

  4. Confirm your selection.

In the topic, article or pathway settings

  1. Navigate to the 'Settings' tab of the topic, article or pathway you want to modify the visibility of.

  2. Click 'Edit General' in the General section.

  3. Change the visibility to Active', 'Draft' (for topics and articles only) or 'Archived', accordingly.

  4. Click 'Save'.

Note: All new topics and articles (whether created in your portal or copied or imported from our library) are set to 'draft' visibility. Admins can later change the visibility (following the instructions above) to 'active' once the topic or article is ready for enrolments.

What happens when visibility settings are changed?

  • Active - Active topics, articles and pathways are the most visible to admins. Active content appears by default when admins view lists of topics, articles and pathways.

  • Draft - Draft topics or articles are moved to a secondary list for admins when they view lists of topics or articles. To see draft content, admins need to use the drop-down menu to 'View draft topics/articles' as appropriate. Draft topics and articles are still available for all types of enrolments.

  • Archived - Archived topics, articles and pathways are moved to an archived list for admins, which again can be selected from the drop-down menu ('Only archived topics/articles/pathways').

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