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Managing the training in your portal

The Knowledge area of your portal is where administrators can manage your organisation's topics, articles, pathways and external knowledge.

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As an admin, you have access to the 'Knowledge' area of your portal. Here you can view and manage various aspects of your training contents and records.

Please note, this is not where enrolments are created. For more information on enrolling learners into training, please see this support article.

The tabs available are listed below, please click the relevant one for further details on the functions available:

  • Topics - view, manage and create topics.

  • Articles - view, manage and create articles.

  • Pathways - view, manage and create pathways.

  • Library - view available library topics and articles, import or copy them into your portal and update imported library topics with newer versions.

  • Templates - view available topic and article templates and copy those that you want to use into your portal.

  • External - view, manage and upload external knowledge records.

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