There are five ways to assign a creator to a topic or article. NB: You can also view this related article about enrolling assessors.

1 - When the topic or article is first set up by an Admin, the Admin can assign one or more creators on the initial set-up page. Creators can also be optionally sent an email to inform them of their enrolment as a creator.

2 - When a topic or article is already established, Admins can add or remove creators on the Access tab (Admin/Knowledge/Topics and then click on a topic and view the Access tab for that topic - similarly for articles).

The first panel on the Access tab can be edited and creators can once again be added or removed from the topic (and notified when added).

3 - When an Admin views a person (Admin/People/Users and then click on a person), they can use the Topics and Articles tabs to enrol that person as a creator (or switch enrolments from explorer/assessor to creator, and vice versa).

4 - If your organisation allows 'All staff to create topics', then staff will see the CREATE button on their dashboard. If they use this button to start creating a topic or article, then that person will automatically be enrolled as a creator for that topic.

5 - You can assign someone as a 'Creator' role. In this case, you are granting general 'Creator' access to this individual person. They will see the CREATE button on their dashboard (regardless of the fourth option above to allow 'All staff to create topics'). This is a great option when you want to give one person the general ability to start creating new training without having to make them an admin.

Creator FAQs

Can a topic/article have more than one creator? Yes. However, the creators will need to coordinate their actions.

Can a topic/article have no creators? Yes. The topic/article can exist without any creators being assigned to it.

If I remove a creator from a topic/article, what happens? Basically nothing. That person will lose the ability to edit the topic/article, but nothing else will be impacted.

Can someone be a creator of more than one topic/article? Yes.

Can someone be both a creator and assessor of the same topic/article? No. A person can only be a creator OR an assessor of a particular topic/article. Creators also have assessor functions. Assessors are limited to only assessor functions (and cannot edit/create the content).

How can I see who the creators of a topic/article are? First, Admins can go to Admin/Knowledge/Topics (or Articles) and see a list of all their topics. Under each topic title, it will also display any assigned creators. Admins will also see a dropdown filter on that page to filter topics/articles by creators (to reveal all the topics/articles linked to each creator). Remember to switch between active/draft folders to see all your topics/articles. Second, Admins can go to the Access tab within a topic/article and the first panel will list all the creators.

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