Admins can create categories to assign to topics, articles and pathways which can be used by both admins and explorers to help filter, sort and search for knowledge.

Managing and creating categories

Admins can create categories for their portal in the Admin area. Go to the Accounts page and select the Categories menu. Admins can then edit the Categories panel to create and delete categories.

  • Each category must be unique (new categories which match existing categories will be merged to avoid duplicates).

  • Each category can be assigned to topics, articles or pathways to assist admins in assigning consistent categories for each type of knowledge.

  • Each category can be enabled for display on the explorer dashboard (disable if the category is only used by Admins for filtering purposes).

  • Each category can also be enabled for use in continuing education records by enabling time and points allocation. Learn more about Continuing Education records in this article.

  • Categories can be deleted using the trash icon.

Assigning categories to knowledge

Once you have created your categories, you can then assign them to knowledge - topics, articles and pathways. Each topic, article and pathway can have multiple categories assigned to it.

Adding multiple categories

For topics and articles, you can view your list of all topics or articles, select multiple topics or articles and then use the bulk action 'Add Categories' to assign multiple categories to multiple topics and articles.

Note that you will only be able to select categories which are enabled for each type of knowledge.

Adding and removing categories

For individual topics, articles and pathways, you can also add and remove categories on the Settings tab in each topic, article or pathway.

  1. Select a topic, article or pathway and then select the Settings tab.

  2. Click 'Edit Sorting' under the Sorting section and manage the categories assigned to that individual topic, article or pathway as needed.

Note that the only way to remove categories from a topic, article or pathway is to edit each individually. The bulk action 'Add Categories' can only add new categories.

Admins can use categories to filter knowledge

Once categories have been assigned, Admins can then filter their lists of topics, articles of pathways by categories using the dropdown menu on the relevant page.

Explorers can see categories on their dashboard

Categories are also visible on the explorer dashboard. Categories for individual topics and articles show on the dashboard and overviews. For pathways, the categories assigned to the pathway itself will show on the dashboard (with categories for topics and articles within the pathway only showing on the overview).

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