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How can managers enrol their staff or teams into knowledge?
How can managers enrol their staff or teams into knowledge?

You can enable 'Manager enrolments' in any topic, article or pathway.

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All knowledge in Tribal Habits can be optionally enabled for manager enrolments. This allows managers to enrol their team members into enabled topics, articles and pathways.

To enable this option, navigate to the Access tab in each knowledge and select the checkbox to allow Manager Enrolments (in the panel 'Allow managers to enrol team members'.

How do managers enrol their team members into knowledge?

Once this has been enabled, managers will need to navigate to the 'Teams' tab in their own Training Dashboard. They will see an 'Enrol' link on their Team's page. When clicked, this opens a popup list of available topics, articles and pathways to enrol their team members in.

When managers enrol their team members, they can optionally force an enrolment notification to be sent to their team (even if the enrolment notification is not generally enabled in that topic, article or pathway).

How can Admins identify which knowledge managers have enrolment rights for?

In the Knowledge tab, Admins can use the 'All Access' filter to view which topics and articles have manager enrolment enabled.

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