Tribal Habits contains a library of ready-made training topics. You can use these topics to accelerate a roll-out to your staff, avoid the need to create similar topics, or even to use as a template for your own topics!

What topics are available?

The library is split into three types of topics.

  • Development topics on personal development, business development, leadership, management, relationship management and more, including topics to use with clients and prospects.

  • Compliance topics on health and safety, fair work legislation, key management processes, information security and more (Australian legislation).

  • Foundation topics on core issues of COVID-19 safety, mentoring, diversity and coaching.

Admins can view the library from Admin / Knowledge / Library. On that page, you can filter between different types of topics, highlight new topics or recently updated topics.

If there is a topic you would like to see in the library which is not currently present, please also reach out with your thoughts - we prioritise new topics to suit client requests. Learn more about suggesting a new library topic here.

How are library topics created?

We create our library topics using exactly the same Creator tools as in any Tribal Habits portal.

Our topics are created internally, using our own expert topic creators, although we sometimes partner with external experts to provide specialist content. Compliance topics are then reviewed by external subject matter experts.

Our topics use all the power of Tribal Habits elements, so you can expect plenty of interaction and practical knowledge. Each topic is complete with images, narration, polls and more. Most topics have on-the-job activities as well while compliance topics have assessments.

Each library topic appears in your branding too, using your colours and logo. It looks like you create them!

How can we enable a library in our portal?

When reviewing topics in either library, you will also see an option to 'Import' or 'Copy' a library topic.

  • When you import a topic, the latest version of that topic is brought into your portal and will appear in your Topics list (as a Draft topic). You cannot edit an imported topic, but it will appear in your branding and you can manage all settings (like due dates and notifications). Imported topics retain a link back to our library, so you can update to the latest version of any topic as and when we make changes.

  • When you copy a topic, we create a new version of the topic in your portal based on the current version in the library. You can edit a copied topic, but it will lose its link to the library version and cannot receive further updates from us.

You can combine imported or copied library topics with your own topics into a pathway too. Since all topics - your topics and our library topics - are created using the same tools and appear in your branding, they are easily interchangeable. In fact, you can create a pathway that is only library topics for instant, branded training in seconds!

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