Tribal Habits has a fantastic guided process to help anyone map out new training and then fill it with interactive content.

However, we can give you even more help and inspiration with our Templates library. This library includes entire template topics and articles (not just template layouts) on popular training concepts.

Only Admins can access the Template library. You can access templates at Admin / Knowledge / Templates. Admins will be able to see all the available templates and can copy any of them into their portal.

  • You can copy the same template multiple times - each copy will be a brand new topic or article. So don't worry if you edit a copied template and want to see what you deleted - just import another version!

  • Each time you copy a template you will receive the latest version of that template, complete with any changes or improvements.

Templates are designed to provide inspiration.

  • Each template begins with an overview of the module and what it is trying to achieve. It will explain various options within the topic or article and some initial considerations as you start editing the template.

  • Each template has instruction elements you will need to delete. These instruction elements are typically in orange text and have reminders to delete them.

  • Each template often has blanks (things like [xxxxxx] or ______) for you to edit.

Some templates can be as simple as filling in the blanks. However, some knowledge is complicated. Templates about explaining software or your organisation's values cannot be perfectly templated. Instead, those templates will give you guidance and ideas. They often have detailed instructions, but you will need to examine them yourself and make a few decisions.

Once again, remember that every topic you create can have one free review from a Tribal Habits instructional designer (articles do not receive a review). If you use the templates, the guidance from Sage and our free review - a fantastic online training module is easy to create.

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