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How can I manage specific Pathways?

Each Pathway has it's own admin sections where you modify settings, run reports and perform other actions.

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When you select a specific Pathway in your Admin β†’ Knowledge β†’ Pathways area of your portal, you will see specific tabs relating to certain aspects of your selected knowledge.

Overview tab

The Overview tab is the first tab you are taken to when you select a specific pathway. The Overview tab shows a summary of the topics or articles that your pathway contains separated as 'Mandatory Knowledge' and 'Optional Knowledge'.

Clicking on the name of a topic or article in the pathway will take you to that specific topic or article where they can be managed directly.

You can also modify the knowledge contained in your pathway by clicking 'Edit Knowledge' to be directed to a page where you can add or remove knowledge from the pathway and manage the settings (similar to when you create a new pathway).

Note: To add or remove a topic or article to or from the pathway or the mandatory or optional boxes, drag-and-drop it into the relevant area. You can also use the search box or tick the boxes to display the list of Active topics/articles or Draft topics/articles in your 'Available knowledge'.

Other Tabs

For a breakdown of the other tabs available, expand the headings below to view more information on the reporting related tabs and settings related tabs.

Reporting related tabs

The following are reporting tabs within a pathway:

  • Enrolments - this tab allows you to filter, save searches and download reports of your learners enrolments against the selected knowledge.

  • Timeline - this tab allows you to report on People, Events, Actions and Dates against the selected knowledge.

Settings related tabs

The following are settings tabs within a pathway:

For information on managing specific topics or articles, please review the dedicated support article here.

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