All knowledge in Tribal Habits can be assigned due dates, which will be visible to explorers once they are enrolled in that knowledge, as well as also used to trigger reminder notifications. However, due dates are entirely optional!

To set a due date, navigate to the topic, article or pathway in your Admin portal. Then go to the Settings tab. You can then edit the Due Date panel which contains the due date options for that knowledge. By default, there is no due date for a new topic, article or pathway.

To set a due date, use options in the Enrolment panel to select from two options.

  • Due date based on a number of days from enrolment. This will create a different due date for each explorer, based upon the given number of days from their enrolment date.

  • Due date based on a specific deadline. This will create a fixed deadline for all new explorers to complete this knowledge, regardless of when they are enrolled.
    When finished, save the changes to the Enrolment panel and your due date will now be applied to all future enrolments in that knowledge.

NOTE - When you change the due date for any topic, article or knowledge, it will not change the due date for already enrolled explorers. Due dates are set at the time of enrolment. Changing the due date setting AFTER someone has been enrolled will not change the due date for that person.

If you need to change the due date for already enrolled explorers, go to the Explorer tab in that topic, article or pathway and use the bulk action 'Set due date' to set or change due dates for explorers.

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