All knowledge in Tribal Habits (topics, articles and pathways) can be assigned due dates, which will be visible to explorers once they are enrolled in that knowledge. Due dates are also used to trigger reminder notifications. However, due dates are entirely optional!

Note: By default, newly created topics, articles and pathways do not have a due date.

To set a due date:

  1. Navigate to the topic, article or pathway in your Admin portal.

  2. Go to the Settings tab.

  3. In the Timing section, click 'Edit Timing'.

  4. Specify a due date as follows:

    1. Based on a number of days from enrolment - this will create a different due date for each explorer, based on the specified number of days from their enrolment date.

    2. Based on a specific deadline - this will create a fixed deadline for all new explorers to complete this knowledge, regardless of when they are enrolled.

  5. When finished, click 'Save' to apply your specified due date to all future enrolments in the topic, article or pathway.

Note: As due dates are set for explorers at the time of their enrolment, changing the due date at a later date does not change the due date for already enrolled explorers.

If you need to change the due date for already enrolled explorers, go to the Enrolments tab in that topic, article or pathway and use the bulk action 'Change due date' to set or change due dates for the selected explorers.

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