Share links to allow people to 'click to enrol' (Topics, Articles, Pathways)

All knowledge in Tribal Habits has two different types of auto-enrol links - internal and external auto-enrol links. You can find these links in the Explorer Enrolment panel on the Access tab within any topic, article or knowledge. All topics, articles and pathways in Tribal Habits can have these internal auto-enrol links, including topics from our libraries.

An internal auto-enrol link will automatically enrol a user in that knowledge if they click on that link. This allows you to manage enrolments from outside Tribal Habits - say, via an email or intranet site. You can share these internal auto-enrol link in your organisation and people can elect to enrol in that knowledge themselves. This is also very useful if you want to 'deep link' to knowledge in things like PDF documents, intranet sites or performance review portals.

To help manage your internal auto-enrol links...

  • You can have multiple internal auto-enrol links for each topic, article or pathway.

  • Each link can have a nickname, helping you remember their purpose.

  • Each link can be deactivated, which will temporarily prevent enrolments (users will receive a message informing them the link is currently disabled).

  • Each link can be deleted when no longer required (NB: deleted links are permanently destroyed for security purposes and cannot be recovered).

Note that 'internal' auto-enrol links are for you users 'known' to you. To use one of these links, someone must already be a user in your portal OR you must be using single-sign-on to allow that person to be auto-provisioned as a new user in your portal. In this way, internal auto-enrol links are secure - only existing or secure users can access them.

Internal auto-enrol URLs can also trigger the event notification option for self-enrolments for that knowledge, so you can be alerted each time someone uses an external auto-enrol option.

Some topics and articles in Tribal Habits can also have external auto-enrol links. To utilise External Auto-Enrol links, the topic or article must be one created by your organisation (this feature is unavailable for topics from our libraries). You can find these links in the Explorer Enrolment panel on the Access tab within any topic, article or knowledge.

External auto-enrol links are for use with people 'unknown' to you and not already a user in your organisation.

When someone clicks on an external auto-enrol link, they are first asked to sign up as a new user to your portal (this includes an email verification process). The new user is automatically set as a 'prospect' in Tribal Habits, rather than staff or client. The new user is then enrolled in the topic or article.

You can learn more about external auto-enrol links in this dedicated article.

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