Once your organisation enables single-sign-on (SSO/SAML), then by default your users must use your SSO process to access Tribal Habits. We will redirect users to your SSO login page when they access Tribal Habits, and your SSO login page will redirect them back to Tribal Habits after authentication.

If you have users in your Tribal Habits portal who do not use SSO, that can prevent them from logging in.

HOWEVER, you can use the LOGIN field for each user to manage external users and grant them access to your portal.

What is the LOGIN field?

Once SSO is activated in your portal, a new LOGIN field will appear for all users. By default, it will be set to 'Internal'. There are only two choices for this field.

  • Internal. This user is within your SSO environment. The platform will use SSO for authentication and use SSO-enabled deeplinks in all notifications to them.

  • External. This users is outside your SSO environment. This platform will require them to set a password, direct them to a special external login URL (see below) and change links in all notifications to them to use the external login URL.

In this way, internal users can use SSO and deeplinks, while external users can login and avoid being caught up in your SSO process.

This field can be set manually for individual users, or included as a column in a CSV via the Upload People function (with Internal or External in each cell).

How to external users login?

External users cannot use your standard login page once SSO is enabled. Instead, external users should use the dedicated external user login page, located at...

  • yoursubdomain.tribalhabits.com/accounts/external

This URL is included in the invitation for external users.

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