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How can I view our subscription information and enable features in my portal?
How can I view our subscription information and enable features in my portal?

Learn more about the Subscription tab and how you can manage features that display within your Tribal Habits portal.

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As a Super Admin, you can view your current subscription and Monthly Active User (MAU) details, plus capture your key user details and all the other platforms in your IT ecosystem. In addition, the Subscription tab allows you to enable/disable certain features in the portal to reduce unnecessary clutter.

NOTE: The Subscription tab is only viewable to Super Admins and only some of these sections are editable.

To access the Subscription tab, navigate to Admin β†’ Account β†’ Subscription.

Subscription and Monthly Active Users (MAUs)

  • This section is not editable, but allows Super Admins to view the details of their current subscription and how many MAUs that have using the Tribal Habits portal each month.

  • If you have any questions about your plan, reach out to [email protected]

Contacts and Platforms

  • In this section, Admins can list out important key contacts and technologies associated with your Tribal Habits subscription.

  • These details help your new admins and our teams reach the right person in your organisation and help us understand what you might need from an integration perspective.

Features (enable/disable)

At the very top of this section are 'Creator' and 'Library'. They are informative only and can't be enabled by Super Admins as they are controlled by your plan features.

Depending on your plan though, there may be some features you can enable, or switch off if you're not intending on using them. To enable an available feature, use the toggle at the top-right of the feature panel.

These features that may be available to you (depending on your plan) are:

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