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Need help with your training content? We have options!
Need help with your training content? We have options!

For top-notch training, take advantage of our templates, library content, Sage advice, topic reviews and polishes, or content conversions!

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Tribal Habits has been designed with content creators, portal administrators and learners in mind, equally.

When it comes to creating content, we've built the portal to empower just about anyone to turn their knowledge into effective training material using a variety of elements and an easy-to-navigate interface - not to mention our readily available online knowledge base and support team who are always happy to answer your questions.

If you're struggling to get your training content off the ground, however, you may want to take advantage of our platform's built-in resources or the expertise of the Tribal Habits team.

Platform resources

The following resources are available to you from within your portal:

  • Templates - access a selection of templates to provide the foundation, structure and inspiration for your topics or articles.

  • Library modules - select content from hundreds of ready-made topics and articles on a variety of compliance, knowledge and skill-based subjects, each with the option of using an editable version or one that retains the link to its original source in case of future updates.

  • Sage advice - utlise advice from our virtual instructional designer, Sage, whose algorithms have been set up to expertly analyse your content and provide detailed instructions and suggestions on ways you could make better use of Tribal Habits creator elements and enhance learner experience.

Tribal Habits expertise

The following assistance can be provided to you by our team:

  • Topic reviews - request a free topic review from a skilled member of our team focused on providing hints and tips for improving the structure and flow of your content and suggesting the use of different elements and settings you may not be aware of. Please note, this free service is not typically available for articles.

  • Topic polishes - engage a member of our team to perform a topic polish, applying their Tribal Habits expertise to your topic to refine its flow and efficacy at a nominal cost. Please note, this paid service is not typically available for articles.

  • Content conversions - submit your existing content to us for a full conversion into a Tribal Habits topic or article. Upon reviewing your content, one of our Tribal Habits experts will make suggestions around the approach and provide details of the timing and costs involved in creating the first draft of your training material.

Requesting topic reviews, polishes or content conversions

Topic reviews and polishes

To request a topic review or topic polish, click the 'Checklist' drop-down button while in edit mode for your topic and select the appropriate option: Request free review or Obtain polish quote.

Each option allows you to provide details of exactly what you'd like us to focus on, any specific questions you have, or information on what you need help with.

  • Topic reviews - once the request is submitted, a member of our team will email the completed topic review to you (in the form of a video recording) within three business days.

  • Topic polish - once the enquiry is submitted, a member of our team will be in touch to discuss timing and costs which you can choose to accept or decline.

Content conversions

To request a content conversion, please reach out to our support team via the in-portal admin support chat. For more information, click here.

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