While it is easy to convert your existing training content into Tribal Habits yourself, sometimes you just need a hand!

Our team of expert designers are available to help convert your existing workbooks, PDF policies, SCORM or older online training files or other forms of existing content...into fully interactive, branded online training modules in your learning portal.

What content can be converted?

We can convert a wide range of content, such as:

  • Training in Power Point or other slide formats

  • Documents or PDFs of processes or policies

  • Webinars or video recordings

  • Workbooks or workshop training materials

  • Existing online training modules (esp from older formats like SCORM)

The most important point is that your content must have sufficient detail for our team to understand and convert. For example, a set of slides with just bullet points and no speakers notes can be difficult to convert - there just isn't enough content to work with. We need an appropriate level of detail for our team to understand the content and be able to make sense of it (on their own, without you needing to explain things to them).

What is the result of the conversion?

The outcome of the conversion is a fully interactive online training module in your learning portal. We'll use all our design expertise to make your content easy to follow, engaging and interactive. We'll add quizzes, interactions, images, narrations and the entire bag of tricks in our content creator to make your content stand out.

We then copy the module into your portal for feedback and one round of changes (you can mark up a Word document with changes). At that point, you can then continue editing the entire module yourself (at no additional cost - you have the source file).

How long does the conversion process take?

Each module (of a reasonable length) is typically completed within two weeks. We can sometimes accelerate this process if our queue of conversions permits.

What does the conversion cost?

It depends! The cost to convert content depends on a few factors:

  • Is the existing content well organised and easy to follow?

    • Poorly structured content can take longer for our team to make sense of and plan an appropriate structure and division of content.

  • Is the existing content 'complete' - fully written sentences which could be copied?

    • Summary content (bullet points or basic notes) can take our team longer to rewrite as easy to ready and follow content.

  • Does the existing content already have media and interactions we can use?

    • Content without any media can take our team longer to create as they need to source images and media to populate the training.

  • How 'long' is the existing content?

    • Longer content - more slides, more pages - simply takes more time to convert!

How can I obtain a quote?

We can, however, provide you with a free quote to convert your content. We typically quote the same day we receive your content or examples of it.

To start the quote, please send an email to [email protected] with the following information.

  1. Attachment or links to your content.

    1. If your content is large, you can alternatively submit a representative sample and we can quote on a multiplier. For example, send 10 slides from a 60 slide Power Point and we can quote on multiples of 10 slides (assuming the 10 slides you send are accurate representations).

    2. If you cannot send us the content at this time, then you can send a detailed description - length, complexity, style, format and any other information - and we can provide an indicative quote based on your description.

  2. Specific requests or requirements.

    1. Please share as much detail as you can. For example, do you need a graded assessment or quizzes, for our team to find suitable images or to create graphs or examples.

    2. If you have specific interactions you would like included, please also let us know. Equally, if there are ideas or concerns about the content, please also feel free to share.

  3. Your timeframe.

    1. Please let us know any timeframe you have in mind for the conversion.

That's it! Our team will then review your content and reply with a quote ASAP (typically within one business day).

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