One of Tribal Habits' key points of difference is our AI assistant, Sage. You can think of Sage as a 'digital instructional designer' who will expertly walk you through all aspects of training creation in Tribal Habits.

Sage's role is to ensure your content is as engaging and interactive as possible, and to make transforming knowledge into learning materials achievable for any SME.

Here's how...

Setting up your topics and articles

When you start creating new training material via your learner dashboard, Sage will greet you and ask whether you'd like to create a topic or article.

She'll then guide you through the steps to complete the key stages of the process: setup and content creation, starting with essential questions about your topic or article which cover what the training is about, why it's important and who it's for. Your answers to these questions can be updated at any time.

For a topic, she'll then further explain the process and walk you through phase one (creating an outline) and phase two (capturing your knowledge) to form the foundation of your topic. There's a couple of videos you can watch during the process also, if you'd like.

Helping you create content

You'll then jump into content creation (which is where you'll go directly if you're creating an article).

With Sage by your side (literally to the left side of the page), you'll receive timely instructions and tips as you go.

Once you're through those, Sage remains available to provide support on the types of content you can add (including handy hints) and how to go about publishing.

Refining your topics

For topics, you'll have additional options such as requesting tips specific to each part, getting Sage to use her wisdom (i.e. algorithms) to provide a breakdown of where each part excels versus where it could be enhanced, and get her to give you an overall score along with advice for perfecting your entire topic!

Lastly, when creating a topic, Sage invites you to request a review of your topic - this time, not by Sage herself, but a real-life (human) member of the Tribal Habits team.

Topic reviews

When you request a free topic review, a member of our Learning and Development team will review your content and provide suggestions and advice (in the form of a screen recording) for ways you may be able to take it to the next level using Tribal Habits to it's fullest potential.


In short, Sage is there to make creating new topics and articles as easy as possible, so why not get started on some new training content now?

To further support you, we regularly release videos as part of our 'Sage Advice' series designed to equip you with expert tips and tricks to create training content like a pro. Check them out here.

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