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Admin - People

How to create and update new users, including managing invitations and passwords.

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Admin - Knowledge

How to create and manage training modules and their settings.

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Admin - Enrolments

How to enrol people into knowledge and then track and manage those enrolments.

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Other Categories

Need help getting started?

Help for learners, managers and creators getting started with their Tribal Habits platform.

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Admin - Reporting

How to set-up, analyse and report on learning data and training activities.

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Creation - Starting

How to start a new training module (topic or article) as a new training creator.

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Creation - Elements

How to use each of the content elements to build training modules in Tribal Habits.

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Creation - Advanced

Best practices, common mistakes, insider tips and advanced functions (assessments, activities).

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IT and technical

FAQs about technical requirements, browser support and integrations (including single-sign-on).

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