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Why aren't learners receiving Tribal Habits notification emails?
Why aren't learners receiving Tribal Habits notification emails?

One (or more!) of your learners isn't receiving their notification emails. What steps can you take to troubleshoot?

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A learner (or several learners) have informed you they're not receiving notification emails from Tribal Habits.

Below are the steps you can take to find out why and resolve the issue:

  1. Ensure notifications are enabled for the topic, article or pathway. This is the most common cause of 'missing enrolment emails'.

    1. If learners are enrolled in a topic or pathway and not receiving an enrolment notification, ensure the Enrolment Notification is enabled in that topic or pathway. NOTE: If the Enrolment Notification was not enabled, then when you enable it, it will only send enrolment notifications to future enrolments (not to learners already enrolled).

    2. If learners are not received reminder notifications, check that (a) at least one reminder notification is enabled in the topic or pathway and (b) that the learner has a due date assigned to their enrolment (not just to the topic, but to their specific enrolment).

  2. Check the email address of the learner is correct. Is it spelt correctly? Is the domain correct? This is a common problem, even for employees at an organisation.

    1. If not, edit the learner's profile to fix their email address for future emails.

  3. Confirm notifications are enabled for the learner, as notifications can be disabled for individual users which prevents all notifications from being sent to them. This setting may have been enabled when the user was created, for example, and not disabled later.

    1. This can be verified on an individual's profile page in the 'Access' section. If notifications have been disabled, enable them now.

  4. Check that the learner(s) is activated.

    1. If not, reactivate them now as deactivated users do not receive emails.

If you have done all of the above, check whether the missing notifications are appearing in the Notifications report (found in the Analytics section of your portal). This report shows all email notifications sent by your Tribal Habits portal.

  1. If you see the notification in that report, then it was sent to the learner and you should ask them to check their inbox, spam and junk folders. 99% of the time, the notification is there but overlooked by the learner.

  2. If you do not see the notification in that report, then perhaps it was not sent due to one of the settings in the steps above. If you have rectified those settings, then notifications will be sent in the future.

If you're unable to reach a conclusion after verifying all of the above, contact Tribal Habits support and we can investigate further.

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