You can choose to send email notifications (such as reminders) for each of your topics, articles and pathways. Notifications are managed on a knowledge-by-knowledge basis, meaning you can customise what notifications you send based on the topic, article or pathway.

Enabling notifications

To send email notifications:

  1. Set a due date for your topic, article or pathway. To enable notifications for your knowledge, you must first set a due date. Click here to learn how you can set due dates.

  2. Enable notifications. Once you've set a due date, navigate to the topic, article or pathway's 'Notifications' tab, click 'Edit Notifications' and tick the relevant checkboxes under the 'Active' column to turn on notifications.

Marking the checkboxes under the 'Active' column will automatically send the notification to the explorer. However, you can choose to also include additional users in these notifications such as the Primary Admin, Creators, Managers, Mentors and additional Stakeholder emails.

What notifications can I send?

You can send notifications such as knowledge enrolment notifications, knowledge completion notifications and reminders (both before and after the due date). Click here to learn more about the notifications you can set.

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