As you enrol your people into topics, articles or pathways Tribal Habits tracks their progress in a number of ways.

Phases of progress

First, we show consolidated explorer progress through five phases.

  • Pre-enrolled (Pathways only) - The explorer has been enrolled in a pathway which contains this mandatory topic or mandatory article, but has not yet started exploring this topic or article. This is a 'placeholder' progress status while the explorer prepares to start exploring. This phase does not trigger any due dates or notifications.

  • Unexplored - The explorer has been enrolled in a topic, article or pathway, but has not started exploring it. This phase will trigger due dates and notifications.

  • Exploring - The explorer has started exploring the topic, article or at least one topic or article in a pathway, and is reviewing the knowledge. Most topics are 30-60 minutes in length, so an explorer may only be in this phase for a short period, assuming they explore the topic in 1-3 sessions. Most articles will be completed in one session. Pathways typically contain many topics or articles, so it may be many days, weeks or even months in their progress phase.

  • Applying (Topics only) - The explorer has progressed to any application modules in their topic. This includes any Assessment and any Activities in that topic. Activities can involve on-the-job tasks which may take days or weeks. So an explorer can be in this phase for some time, depending on the topic.

  • Conquered - The explorer has finished all the modules in that topic, completed the entire article or completed all the required topics or articles in a pathway. They are finished exploring the relevant knowledge.

Individual progress

In addition, Admins can review detailed progress for explorers within any topic, article or progress by clicking on their progress phase. You can see the explorer's progress phase in the list of explorers in a topic, article or pathway, or by viewing an individual person's profile and visiting the Topic, Article or Pathway tables. Their progress will show as a green quicklink with the progress label (e.g. Exploring or Conquered).

When you view the progress of an explorer, you can see exactly which points or topics that explorer has completed, along with all their responses and answers from that topic or article (plus various dates of enrolment and completion).

There is also an option to add notes about that explorer's progress in that topic or article, as well as to export their topic or article progress as a PDF.

How can I set an explorer to 'conquered'?

When an explorer completes all the modules in a topic, finishes the article or conquers all required knowledge in a pathway, their status will change to Conquered.

Admins can also manually set explorer's status to Conquered on occasions when that is required. There are three ways to do this.

  • Within the Explorers tab in any topic, article or pathway, you can select any number of explorers and use the batch action 'Set as conquered'.

  • You can view any explorer's individual progress page as outlined above and use the 'Set as conquered' button on the top right of the screen.

  • You can view an explorer's Profile and use the 'Set as conquered' quick links on the Topics, Articles or Pathways tabs.

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