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Change Log and Roadmap
Change Log and Roadmap

Last update: 26 June 2024

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Please note that our roadmap is subject to change and not a guarantee of a new feature or within the outlined timeframe - sometimes things take a little longer (but sometimes they are quicker too!). If you would like to provide ideas for a feature in development or check if we have a feature on the future roadmap, please contact our support team.

In Development

  • New Scenario element. A long planned learner interaction, Scenario allows creators to build small role-play like interactions using avatars, backgrounds and branching questions.

  • New multi-session event element. A major update to the Events element to support multiple sessions per element, with class size limits and more. This is a substantial new feature with significant new code. We are hoping to complete this project as soon as possible (aiming for no later than July 2024).

  • Additional language support. We have an ongoing project to continue preparing the learner experience for additional languages to display system interactions in languages other than English for each learner. We are completing various behind the scenes updates each week on this project and aim to complete the project entirely sometime in 2H24.

Scheduled Next

  • Continuing Education. Admins will be able to set CE goals for users and track completion to those goals per CE reporting period. Plus some new Analytics reports about Continuing Education.

  • Adding Timezone settings for each portal (and updating reports to match those timezones).

  • Customise email notification text.

  • Generative AI. We will be adding new options to generate new elements from your existing content (e.g. creating quizzes from your narrations or text elements).

  • Assessor email notifications. With in-app notifications for assessors complete, we will be adding an email notification for assessors.

  • New learner summary email. A periodic email which can be sent to learners to remind them of all overdue training, upcoming expiries or expired training.

  • Bulk download of files / certificates. We are investigating ways for admins to do a bulk download of uploaded files or certificates of completion (e.g. into a zip file).

  • DEPRECATION NOTICE: We will be merging articles into topics in the near future. This means that 'articles' will no longer exist as a separate type of knowledge but will instead become topics. Topics will have an 'article mode' to replicate the article UI for learners. No changes are required by any organisation and no data or content will be lost - articles will simply become topics with 'article mode' activated. For admins, however, this is greatly simplify reporting and enrolments. More information on this change will be sent to all organisations as we approach this deprecation.

  • DEPRECATION NOTE: We are just a few weeks away from the new multi-session Event element. Note that this is an entirely new element, not an update to the existing Event element. As a result, we will be deprecating the existing Event element when the new one launches. At that time, we recommend that creators insert a new Event element to replace the existing one (existing elements cannot be migrated to the new element as the data structure is radically different).

Changelog for 2024

Historical change logs: 2022 | 2023

26 June 2024 (Release 9558)

  • Library updates

    • New: Emotional intelligence in leadership

    • New: Kitchen safety overview

  • Tweak - The Admin/Users/Overview page showing a table of recent CSV imports has been paginated. This will significantly increase the loading time of this page for organisations with many imports.

  • Tweak - The Forum has been updated to the new Explorer UI. This change also completes the final preparation for localisation of modules. We are now in final testing of localisation settings.

12 June 2024 (Release 9480)

  • Feature - WACG 2.2 (Accessibility) update. We have updated the learner experience (dashboard and exploring a topic) with a wide range of improvements for accessibility and to help meet the new WCAG 2.2 standard. Learn more about our approach to accessible elearning in this article.

  • Tweak - We added a bunch of little tweaks to the new library page including a new filter for content in your portal which could be updated, loading screens, filter resets and a few other fine tuning issues.

  • Tweak - We tweaked the Updated User trigger in Zapier to trigger less often (it was triggering for unimportant updates like date of last user login). This should dramatically reduce the frequency of trigger events and focus on important triggers (changes to user profile data).

  • Fix - The initial section in the Overview module in a topic was not showing due to a recent update as part of new code for accessibility requirements. Its showing again now!

11 June 2024 (Release 9468)

  • Fix - Markers on hotspots were overlapping with the text from other markers. This was caused by updates to our code for accessibility requirements but has now been fixed.

7 June 2024 (Release 9446)

  • Feature - Updated Pathway management (including archiving). We have updated the Pathways table in Admin (Admin/Knowledge/Pathways) to bring it inline with the table for topics. This means it has better search, more bulk actions and you can now archive pathways! Archiving a pathway retains the training history for that pathway, but removes it from learner dashboards and also hides it away in admin. You can always unarchive a pathway later. Note that archiving a pathway does not archive the topics within it, since those topics may be used in another pathway.

  • Feature - New 'overdue' filter for Group Completion Analytics report. The Group Completion analytics report has a new dropdown filter for 'Overdue'. The standard filter continues to show completion rates for your groups in selected knowledge. The 'Overdue' filter shows an alternate view of per cent of overdue enrolments in selected knowledge by groups.

3 June 2024 (Release 9416)

  • Feature - Updated Subscription tab. We have completed a round of updates to the Subscription tab in Admin/Accounts (visible only to Super Admins). There are further updates to come for this tab, but it now includes clearer information on subscriptions, account usage and plan features.

  • Feature - Contacts. The Subscription tab now includes a new table for key contacts in your organisation. We encourage all organisations to complete these fields ASAP (and to keep them updated) to assist our team in contacting the correct people. Learn more about these contact fields in this article.

  • Feature - Platform Champion. This Subscription tab also includes a new field called Platform Champion. This field allows your organisation to nominate specific users as 'Platform Champions' - the key/critical users in your platform. Nominating these users does not change their access/permissions, but helps our support team understand who the key people are in your organisation when we need to ask questions or provide updates on new features. Learn more about this Platform Champion field in this article.

  • Feature - Platforms. The Subscription tab also includes another new panel called Platforms. This panel allows your organisation to notify us about related platforms in your 'HR Tech Stack' to ensure we are aware of all potential integrations or dataflows we could be assisting your organisation with. Learn more about these platform fields in this article.

  • Tweak - More Timelines audit logs. We have added a bunch of new audit logs in the Timelines reports for tracking changes to due dates/certified dates in topics and pathways, as well as changes to topics included in pathways.

  • Tweak - Faster loading Library page. We have optimised the new Library page to allow it to load a little quicker!

24 May 2024 (Release 9337)

  • Feature - Revised Library page. The Library page in Admin has been completely rebuilt and no includes filters for popular categories, filters for country and duration, as well as filters for recently added and recently updated. When selecting a topic, admins can now view the entire overview as well as information on categories, duration and assessments. When copying a topic into the library, admins also receive a warning if we detect they may be copying in a topic which already exists in their portal.

  • Tweak - In preparation for the ability to archive pathways (coming real soon now), we have enhanced some of the processes in archiving topics. There should be no noticeable impact but a few additional settings/features are disabled when a topic is archived (including self-registration tokens) and enrolments into archived topics are not prevented in all instances.

  • Library updates

    • New: Writing minutes effectively

    • Updated: Mental health awareness for managers (AU)

    • New: Mental health awareness for managers (NZ)

    • New: Mental health awareness for managers (Global)

  • Fix - The SCORM element was not correctly detecting files that were 'dragged' onto it for loading (instead of using the browser file selector). Drag and drop of uploaded files works now.

  • Fix - The completion date in a learners journal was not always updating if the completion date of an enrolment was manually adjusted by an admin - it does now.

20 May 2024 (Release 9328)

  • Feature - Huge range of updates for WCAG 2.2. We have recently completed another Accessibility Audit and have deployed a raft of changes to further improve accessibility in the platform (colour contrast, screen readers, keyboard navigation and so on). The process is not yet finished but 90% of changes are now complete. A further round of changes will occur in the next few weeks.

  • Tweak - Glossary and Resources tabs updated to the latest explorer UI and are ready for future multiple languages. Just the Forum left to go!

  • Fix - The Certified report in Admin/Analytics had an edge case issue where it was double counting enrolments for learners who had a lapsed enrolment with a future certified date as well as a current enrolment with a future certified date. This is now fixed.

16 May 2024 (Release 9297)

  • Tweak - The All People filter has been updated with two new filters. First, a Login filter, to filter for Internal and External users in a portal with SSO enabled. Second, a Created By filter (to filter on the method of creation for a user such as an LMS Link or Registration Token).

  • Tweak - The Active Users analytics report now includes the updated All People filter. This allows admins to filter for monthly active users in their portal based on various custom fields, as well as the new Created By field (to find users created by LMS Link or Registration Token for example).

  • Fix - It seems that the link to a portal in the invitation email for internal users in an SSO enabled portal was not correct. It is now!

15 May 2024 (Release 9282)

  • Feature - Assessor pages have additional filters. We have made a few changes to the Assess Q&A, Task and Upload pages for Assessors.

    • By default, we now show assessable items from incomplete enrolments. Items from completed enrolments are hidden by default. Assessors can use a new filter (Incomplete enrolments, Complete enrolments and Any enrolments) to see items from completed enrolments. This will help assessors focus on items from enrolments which are not yet completed. This also helps assessors in instances when topics are automatically set to complete by admins for learners who have RPL or completed an offline version of the topic.

    • The count of pending assessable items now specifically excludes items from completed enrolments. In theory, there should not be any pending assessable items from completed enrolments anyway, but this ensures they are excluded from the count if so (since the enrolment is complete, there is no action for assessors to take).

    • We tweaked the filter to show items from explorers only, to now also have a separate filter for items from creators and assessors, as well as showing all items.

  • Tweak - The Journal in topics has been updated with the new explorer UI (and also a raft of behind the scenes changes preparing for multiple languages).

  • Fix - A behind the scenes change to other elements accidentally created a bug where some learners were able to progress in topics without completing mandatory content (like a quiz or a task requiring assessment). This issue was fixed on the same day it was identified but may have impacted enrolments from Friday 10 May until the evening of Tuesday 14 May. It has now be fixed and all mandatory content must be completed before progression is allowed.

13 May 2024 (Release 9258)

  • Feature - New Role Summary Analytics report. This new analytics report summarises the completion rates of assigned roles in your portal. It can show per cent or numbers, and be filtered by users, roles and groups.

  • Feature - New Role People Analytics report. This new analytics report shows the per cent completion rates for each person for their assigned roles in your in your portal. Once again, it can be filtered by users, roles and groups.

  • Feature - New Continuing Education Summary report (CE Summary). This new analytics report summarises the continuing education time and/or points earnt by each person within a specific time period (including previous and current continuing education periods).

  • Library updates

    • New: Handling customer complaints

    • New: Understanding customer complaints

    • New: An introduction to working remotely

    • Updated: Mental health for employees (AU)

    • New: Mental health for employees (NZ)

    • New: Mental health for employees (Global)

  • Fix - The Catalogue tab on the dashboard was showing even if learners had nothing in their catalogue. It should not show if there is nothing for the learner...and that's been corrected.

  • Fix - The Quiz element wasn't showing the correct label in creator preview mode - now it does!

3 May 2024 (Release 9192)

  • Feature - Enhanced network checks in Creator mode. We have updated Creator processes to continuously monitor a creator's network connection. While unusual, we have observed instances of creators losing their network while editing a topic, and as a result, their changes may not be being received by our servers (and on reload those changes as 'missing'). Creator mode is now more vigilant in checking that creators are maintaining their network connection and will stop editing/show a popup warning if the creator has any network issues which may impact their ability to sync with our servers. 99.9% of the time, there will be no noticeable change to creators (other than we have removed the SAVED badge on the lower right of the screen).

  • Feature - Enhanced Manager Report email. We have updated the email report which can be sent to managers on the 1st and 15th of each month. This will take affect on the next email on the 15th May. Historically the email listed overdue training for the manager's team. The new email also includes topics, pathways and external knowledge which expired in the last 45 days or is going to expire in the next 45 days (in separate tables). It also lists topics and pathways which are due for completion in the next 45 days. This information will give managers a more proactive view of recent and upcoming training which is both due and expired.

  • Feature - New "Simple" list layout added to Interact element. This joins the other list layouts but provides a more streamlined layout option.

  • Tweak - We have fine tuned the portrait mobile view on the learners dashboard, so that the button to download certificates can be seen in that view (not just landscape mobile).

  • Tweak - We have tweaked the layouts for a bunch of learner interactions to tidy up a few things - accordion, tabs, flipcards, quotes, text.

  • Tweak - We have optimised the code on the Pathways tab for a user in admin - that page is now loading HEAPS quicker and shows enrolled pathways at the top of the table. 😊

  • Tweak - Creator and Assessor enrolments are now included in the Analytics reports for Completion and Certification reports.

  • Tweak - We are now showing the progress of creator and assessor enrolments when viewing a user's profile in Admin.

  • Tweak - We have updated the Import CSV - Enrolment and People + Enrolment options to ignore spaces after access codes (which can accidentally occur when admins copy/paste access codes into the CSV). This should help avoid a few failed imports.

  • Tweak - Our validation processes in the Admin area for emails were not accepting emails with apostrophes (even our our Public API was). We have fixed this to ensure that emails with apostrophes are accepted.

  • Fix - The PDF Progress function is now correctly not showing continuing education categories if the continuing education feature has been disabled.

  • Fix - Creator enrolments in a pathway now unlock other explorer topics if the pathway is enforcing the order of completed topics.

  • Fix - The All People filter was not working on the Standard Polls report in Analytics - now it is!

17 April 2024 (Release 9071)

  • Feature - New Create tab on dashboard. A small but important change to the dashboard today with the addition of a new Create tab. This tab now lists all topics that a user is assigned to as a creator. Like all dashboard tabs, this tab can be customised with a banner and text. This tab makes it easier for creators to find and manage their topics, without worrying if those topics are within a pathway or in a completed state. This change also removes creator enrolments from the Training tab. So Training now has learner enrolments, Create has creator enrolments and Assess has assessor enrolments.

  • Tweak - We have made a slight change on the Training tab to replace a dropdown menu used to filter for complete training so an easier to use toggle (In Progress vs Complete) including a tool tip with information. This change may help users to find certifications on completed training.

  • Fix - Some notifications about pending assessable items were including pending items from deactivated users. This has been fixed.

  • Fix - Some of the Assess tabs in a topic where not always defaulting to excluding pending items from deactivated users. They are now!

12 April 2024 (Release 9016)

  • Feature - Webhooks now available. Our first set of webhooks are now available for all organisations. These webhooks are focused on enrolment data (new, completed and deleted enrolments). Learn more about Webhooks here.

  • Feature - External ID field on topics and pathways. We have added a new field called External ID for topics and pathways. This is an entirely optional field. It allows admins to entire an ID/code/tag to be used in our API/webhooks to assist in integrations with external platforms.

  • Feature - The SCORM element has received updated styling to match the new explorer UI. There are no changes to features - this is purely a styling change (and also improved mobile).

  • Library updates

    • New: Building personal resilience

    • New: Creating organisational resilience

    • New: Introduction to HACCP and Food Safety Programs

    • Minor update: Manual handling safety (AU)

    • New: Manual handling safety (NZ)

    • New: Manual handling safety (Global)

    • Minor update: Manging slips and trips (AU)

    • New: Managing slips and trips (NZ)

    • New: Managing slips and trips (Global)

    • Minor update: Conflicts of interest (AU)

    • New: Conflicts of interest (NZ)

    • New: Conflicts of interest (Global)

  • Tweak - More deletion warnings for creators when deleting entire points (parts, steps, ideas, etc...) in a topic. They will now need to type in the name of the point to confirm its deletion and receive warnings that their actions may delete learner data.

  • Tweak - The Reflect element can now be made optional by creators.

  • Tweak - Better error pages. We are upgrading all our error pages with better styling and information, to help learners who end up on an unknown / wrong / old page or otherwise encounter an error (e.g. SSO misconfiguration on login).

  • Tweak - Interact element now supports up to 300 characters in item titles. Please note that not all layouts will show 300 characters - creators still need to select an appropriate layout. This increase allows new uses for layouts like flipcards.

  • Tweak - Topic images on the learner dashboard were not caching correctly for some users. In certain circumstances, this may make those images scale incorrectly. We have implemented a tweak to fix this issue.

  • Tweak - We have slightly tweaked the text for the Task element when a learner is waiting for an assessor to verify a task.

  • Fix - The Reflect element was not replacing updated answers from learners (but was creating a new answer while keeping the old answers). This is now resolved.

  • Fix - The History tab on the Team page on the Dashboard was not correctly filtering for completed training which included External Knowledge. It is now.

2 April 2024 (Release 8916)

  • Feature - Set Recertify for individual enrolments via Import CSV. The Enrolments and People + Enrolments imports now support a new column called Enrolment Code X Recertify (where X is 1-5). This allows admins to include or exclude individual enrolments from recertification settings in topics or pathways (by using Yes or No in that upload column).

  • Feature - Change completed date bulk action. We have fixed a long-standing oversight in bulk actions - while admins could change due dates and certified dates via bulk actions, they could not change completed dates! This is now possible with the new Change Completed Date bulk action!

  • Library updates

    • New: Introduction to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

    • New: Responsible Service of Alcohol Recap modules for...

      • QLD

      • NSW

      • VIC

      • WA

      • SA

      • TAS

      • ACT

    • Minor update: Modern slavery awareness for managers (AU)

    • Minor update: Modern slavery awareness for workers (AU)

    • Minor update: Alcohol and drugs in the workplace (AU)

    • New: Alcohol and drugs in the workplace (NZ)

    • New: Alcohol and drugs in the workplace (Global)

  • Tweak - Slight enhancements to the Import CSV process for External Knowledge. We also split the template CSV into separate templates for each type of external knowledge and completely rewrote the support article for external knowledge imports.

  • Tweak - More deletion warnings for creators when deleting elements with associated learner data. This means it is now slightly harder for creators to delete elements like Task or Poll, which have learner data associated with them (Task assessments or Poll choices). Creators will receive multiple warnings about deleting such elements.

  • Fix - Custom Fields of the Date type were not always able to clear inserted dates via the Admin interface - this is now fixed and dates will clear.

  • Fix - Assessors who were not admins were not able to see the Groups (if Groups feature was enabled). They now can!

21 March 2024 (Release 8860)

14 March 2024 (Release 8789)

  • Feature - Slight changes to width of learner interactions. As a final step in updating the UI for learner interactions, we have made once-off slight adjustment to the width of non-media interactions making them slightly wider. We have also now updated the Creator view to have the same widths, so that creators should now see a more accurate representation of how different interactions align (and also more consistency in the wrapping of text).

  • Library updates

    • Major update: Fraud and corruption awareness and prevention (AU)

    • Major update: Privacy in the workplace and recruitment (AU)

    • Major update: Privacy in the workplace (AU)

    • Major update: Anti-money laundering (AU)

  • Tweak - We have added a new field to the Get All User and Get Specific User in our Public API which shows the date of the last login (current_sign_in_at).

  • Tweak - We have tweaked the layout for video elements for learners. Landscape videos are unchanged, but portrait videos now have a constrained height to allow them to better fit on the screen.

  • Fix - We updated a major framework in our platform last week and it was preventing new Zapier triggers from being created. This is now resolved (but any Zapier triggers created in the last 1.5 weeks will need to be created again).

  • Fix - When setting an individual enrolment to complete on the Progress page for that enrolment, the popup confirmation was not closing after the enrolment was set to complete - it does now!

11 March 2024 (Release 8760)

  • Feature - Customise the default fonts in your topics. After a significant piece of work, we have released the option for your organisation to select more specific default fonts for your topics. You can learn more about default fonts you can select in this article. A few key notes to consider:

    • Once you set default fonts, it will display those fonts in any imported library topic and any topic you have created which was using our default fonts. If you have already edit elements in a topic to select specific fonts, we will not override those selections.

    • We have select a range of the most popular Google Fonts to choose from. Please note that we cannot support every font in existence. In order to ensure compatibility with all browsers, as well as to manage platform load times, we have elected to use Google Fonts as the benchmark for browser fonts.

    • If you would like to request a new font be added to the list, please go to and select a font available there. Please also suggest fonts which are materially different from those provided. On many devices with smaller screens, learners cannot tell the difference between similar fonts.

  • Library - New modules published in the library:

    • Customer service recovery for managers

    • Customer service recovery for workers

    • Communication for customer service recovery

    • Planning for service recovery

    • Continuous improvement in service recovery

  • Fix - We fixed an issue where pathways requiring a minimum number of optional topics to be completed, were not setting the pathway to completion once the minimum number of optional topics were completed.

  • Fix - We tweaked a few settings in Import CSV to better auto-match column names and deal with some edge cases in uploads.

  • Fix - We fixed a UI issue with the Team page / History tab on the learner dashboard, where the links to additional pages of training history was not always visible.

4 March 2024 (Release 8722)

  • Tweak - Final changes for new explorer UI made to Assessment and Activity modules. We just need to adjust a few things in Creator view now. Custom brand fonts are imminent!

  • Tweak - Assessor enrolments now appear on the Assess tab on the dashboard even when that enrolment is in a topic within a pathway.

  • Fix - LMS Link users no longer see the Download button when viewing their journal (they are unable to create a PDF via an LMS Link).

29 February 2024 (Release 8706)

  • Feature - External Knowledge can now be toggled on/off. There's a new set of feature toggles we are building in the Admin area on the Account/Subscription tab. The External Knowledge toggle allows your organisation to toggle this feature on/off. When toggled off, External Knowledge can no longer be added to the portal and various reports/headings are hidden to reduce clutter.

  • Feature - Roles can now be toggled on/off. Similarly, the Roles feature can also be toggled off, to remove Roles from your portal - hiding several reports, columns and panels.

  • Feature - SSO, SCORM Upload, LMS Link and Continuing Education toggles now all relocated onto the same Account/Subscription tab.

  • Tweak - The Overview, Destination and Insights modules in topics have been updated with the new UI, as has the main topic navigation page. Just a couple of pages left to do before a final tidy up and we will then release custom fonts.

  • Tweak - We have sped up the Skills Attained analytics report, so it loads faster for larger organisations (its still a very complex report and can take 5-10 seconds to calculate for larger organisations, but is now loading significantly quicker).

  • Fix - We fixed an error in the Skills Progression analytics report which was not calculating per cents correctly in all instances.

  • Fix - The Email and Download buttons on learner Journals were not always showing for topics which had blank sections in their Overviews. This is now resolved.

16 February 2024 (Release 8566)

  • Feature - Completion Certificates now attached to completion emails. If you have enabled certificates of completion and enabled completion email notifications in topics or pathways, the certificates are now attached as PDFs to the email. πŸ˜€

  • Tweak - We tweaked over 50 little styling and UI issues with recent updates to all the Explorer elements (no bugs - just harmonising layouts, ensuring consistency in fonts, managing sizes of buttons, fixing layouts on flip cards and so on).

  • Fix - We fixed a little issue which could - in specific circumstances - result in the Next Enrolment feature triggering twice and enrolling the learner in the next topic or pathway twice.

13 February 2024 (Release 8538)

  • Feature - Notes for LMS Link and Internal Auto-Enrol Links. Admins can now leave notes about LMS Links and Internal Auto-Enrol Links to assist with training management (e.g. Additional details on where the links are used, invoicing information, contact details).

  • Tweak - The final explorer UI was complete! We are now progressing to finalising the updated UI for system modules in topics (such as Overview and Assessment).

    • Interact - Flipcards

    • Interact - Process

    • Shared insights and Insight Battles

  • Fix - The new Quiz and Reflect UI were not always showing that completion for those elements was mandatory. It's correctly shown now!

  • Fix - The new Hotspot UI was not always allowing learners to revisit previously visited hotspot markers. Now they can.

  • Fix - The new Import CSV process was not correctly processing emails containing an apostrophe - it does now!

9 February 2024 (Release 8522)

  • Feature - New Import CSV option - Tokens. If your organisation is using our self-registration feature, you can now use the Import CSV feature to both create and update Tokens in your portal. You can create new tokens, update limits and expiry dates and deactivate tokens via CSV upload.

  • Feature - New Import CSV option - Lists. If your organisation is using Custom Fields with the List type, you can now use the Import CSV feature to both create and update items within a List. Very handy when you have 300 locations to list!

  • Feature - New Import CSV option - Groups. If your organisation is using our Groups feature, you can now use the Import CSV feature to both create and update your groups.

  • Feature - New Import CSV option - Roles / Skills / Competencies. If your organisation is using our Roles feature, you can now use the Import CSV feature to both create and update Roles, Competencies and Skills. This includes descriptions, codes and active/inactive, but also assigning skills to a competency and assigning competencies to a role!!

  • Feature - New Import CSV option - External Knowledge. While admins have previously been able to upload External Knowledge via CSV, we have significantly improved this process with our new Import CSV feature. Admins can now both create AND UPDATE external knowledge records via CSV. There is also better error management and background processing of large uploads.

  • Tweak - Deprecation of 'conquered' and replacement with 'complete'. We have almost finished replacing the word 'conquer' with 'complete' (and variations there of) through-out the platform to better align completion status with external APIs. There may be a few remaining instances of 'conquer' which will be removed over the next few weeks. We are updating our support articles with this change on a continuous basis, but that may also take a few months to finalise.

  • Tweak - The following elements have all been updated with the new styling:

    • Task

    • Q&A

    • Upload

    • Button

    • Insight

    • Interact - Timeline

    • Interact - List

    • Interact - Tabs

    • Interact - Accordion

    • Interact - Acronym

    • Interact - Buttons

  • Fix - Completed pathways which contained an individual topic with automated re-certification were not correctly updating their progress to Exploring when the topic retake commenced. As a result, the completed pathway was not moving back to the training dashboard for the learner to see. This is now fixed.

  • Fix - We accidentally removed a warning when an Admin attempted to create a duplicate token - this is now fixed and a warning is shown that the duplicate token was not created.

  • Fix - When a Fill-In element was used in the Assessment module in a topic, it was preventing manually approved assessments. This is now rectified.

29 January 2024 (Release 8412)

  • Tweak - The following elements have all been updated with the new styling:

    • Narration

    • Sort

    • Upload

    • Reflect

    • Hotspot

    • Quote (also some new layouts)

    • Insights

  • Tweak - New filters and searches on the Tokens panel in topics and pathways to help manage large lists of tokens.

  • Tweak - Timelines audit reports are now tracking a range of new changes including certificate views, enrolment types (creator vs explorer vs assessor) plus changes to various settings in topics and pathways.

2 January 2024 (Release 8307)

  • Feature - New Import CSV option - People, Enrolments and People & Enrolments. Our brand new import CSV process has launched. This process replaces the old Upload People process with a more robust and flexible process. Initially the process launches with three import options - People, Enrolments and People + Enrolments - but many more are to follow in February. The new process handles uploads as a background job, allowing admins to continue working while uploads are processed. Errors are also better managed, with the upload processing all correct rows and returning a new CSV with any error rows with individual error messages. Uploads can now also use email, as well as username, to identify users (to allow bulk changes to usernames or simplify enrolment uploads). Learn more about this new process here.

  • Tweak - More explorer UI updates.

    • PDF element updated with the new styling.

    • Small tweaks to a few recently updated elements.

  • Tweak - Organisation logos are now restricted to JPG and PNG to ensure compatibility with our new custom certificates.

  • Tweak - The Single Sign On (SSO) page in Admin/Accounts/SSO has been updated to correctly show SSO URLs in a portal with a custom domain.

  • Fix - Team leaders were encountering a bug when downloading a filtered table of external knowledge on the Team/History page. This is now resolved.

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