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These are the new and upcoming features we are currently working on or are scheduled for development between now and 31 December 2022. Please note that our roadmap is subject to change and not a guarantee of a new feature or within the outlined timeframe - sometimes things take a little longer (but sometimes they are quicker too!).

In Development (we are working on these features right now)

  • Event timelines. For the last few weeks, we have been preparing a major new Analytics report called Timelines. This report is essentially an audit log of all activity in your portal. The report will launch with approximately 40 tracked events and we will continue to add more over the next few months.

  • People report. We have a second new analytics report being finalised - All People. This report will list all people in your portal as well as activity/logins and will replace several older reports.

  • Learner email help. Learners/explorers will see a new link on their dashboard to get help and will then be able to send a message (via email) to platform admins requesting help.

  • Admin refresh. We are preparing a refresh to the styling of the admin area. We will be removing the Tribal Habits orange/green branding colours and moving to a more neutral colour set, larger fonts and various other styling improvements.

Scheduled Next (these features are scoped and ready to go)

  • All new topic, article and pathway reports. With our final changes to the Analytics reports almost complete, we will be replacing all reporting in topics, articles and pathways with new reports based on Analytics.

  • New People page. We will be using the upcoming

  • Discussion Forum. We are about to start work on a discussion forum feature for topics and articles. Explorers will be able to create posts, reply to other posts, search the forum and engage in discussions in topics and articles. This is a big feature and we are very excited about it.

Scheduled Soon (we hope to fit as many of these features into this quarter)

  • Vanity URLs. We are already working behind the scenes to allow for custom URLs for your portal (e.g.

  • Custom field upgrade. We will be updating custom fields to allow for different types of fields - lists, true/false, numbers and dates.

  • Groups. Once the new Analytics reports are rolled out and custom fields are upgraded, we will then be implementing the long-planned Groups feature. Groups will allow organisations to tag individuals into a 'Group'. Groups will be defined by a set of flexible rules, so you won't need to manually update each group as new users are created. Reports will allow filtering by groups. Admins and Assessors will have the option to have their visibility of data limited to selected groups.

  • Sort element. If time allows, we would love to create our Sort element. This element will present learners with a list of items to sort into 2-4 'lists/buckets'.

  • Fill-in element. Our other stretch goal for this quarter is a Fill-in element quiz. This quiz asks learners to type a word or short phrase in response to a quiz (which must match a list of correct words or phrases to pass).

If you would like to request a new feature, provide ideas for a feature in development or check if we have a feature on the future roadmap, please contact our support team.


20 September 2022 (Release 6247)

  • FEATURE - Seven new layouts for Polls! The Poll element has had a substantial upgrade with seven new layouts to give more variety to your polls. All layouts can still show aggregated poll results after voting and are optimised for mobile responsiveness (portrait module view usually defaults to one column of choices). Each layout suits different types of polls and different lengths of choices. Enjoy!

    • One Column - The default and existing layout of one column of checkboxes.

    • Two Columns - Two columns of checkboxes.

    • Dropdown - Select poll response from a dropdown menu.

    • Buttons - There are five layouts for buttons - 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 buttons. Each layout refers to how many buttons are shown in a row (so 5 means 5 buttons per row). Buttons definitely work best with very short choices (1-3 words per choice).

  • TWEAK - Continuing Education points support decimals. We realised that our point tracking for Continuing Education (CLE/CPD) did not support decimals! Why would we have done that? It's a mystery, but its fixed now, so feel free to add all your 0.25 or 1.50 point settings!

  • TWEAK - Content Conversion option for New Knowledge. The New Knowledge process in the Admin area has a new Content Conversion option to make it easier for organisations to request content conversion services from our team.

  • TWEAK - Suggest a library topic. If you can't find what you are seeking in our library, there is a new link to suggest a new topic for the library. As our library approaches 250 topics, we are certainly seeking out inspiration for new ideas.

  • FIX - We accidentally broke the New Person page as part of the work on the Timelines report. Fixed!

7 September 2022 (Release 6206)

  • TWEAK - We have made some small styling and UI updates to the journal for explorers.

  • FIX - SCORM modules set to 'open on the same page' were not correctly establishing new enrolments for new learners. This has been fixed!

2 September (Release 6186)

  • FIX - 'Last Login' date inconsistencies in Admin area have been fixed. Some instances of 'last login' were showing the 'previous login' instead of the most recent login.

  • FIX - Zapier API was utilising case sensitive user name field for enrolment actions - this has now been made case insensitive.

  • FIX - 'Run Rule' popup was not correctly showing the summary of the rule it was going to run - fixed!

  • FIX - When uploading completed training enrolments via CSV which also had backdated completed dates and the topic, article or pathway had a certified date setting applied, the certified date was not being calculated correctly. Yes, that was as confusing as it sounds to figure out! It's fixed now though!

29 August (Release 6165)

  • NEW - Double confirmation to delete people, topics/articles and pathways. There is always a balance in creating a user interface that is fast and responsive, but also ensures actions taken are deliberate. Based on customer feedback, we have therefore decided to 'slow down' the ability for Admins to delete people, topics/articles and pathways. When an Admin now goes to delete a person, topic, article or pathway, they will need to complete a 'double confirmation' which will include typing in a phrase to confirm the deletion.

19 August (Release 6156)

  • NEW - Admins can now leave notes for pathway progress. Previously, Admins had been able to leave notes for topic/article progress for a learner. This has now been expanded to allow for notes on Pathway enrolments too...

  • NEW - Admins can now leave notes for user profiles. ...and Admins can now also leave general notes on a new Notes tab on user profiles. These functions make it easier for admins to track changes to enrolments, performance information or other user data.

15 August (Release 6144)

  • NEW - Image element has updated caption options. The image element has been given a spruce up for creators. It now has new options for overlay captions and 'cover' layout. There are light, dark and transparent backgrounds for your overlay captions with plenty of options to display captions in a whole new way. We also took this opportunity to fine-tune images and captions on mobile, and in particular improving mobile captions.

  • FIX - New Team page was showing all custom fields instead of just user profile fields! Fixed!

  • TWEAK - Interact/Process layout has some slight styling tweaks.

28 July (Release 6081)

  • NEW - 'Document' is a new type of external knowledge. We have added a fifth type of external knowledge called Document. This is a more generic, but very useful, type of external knowledge that can be used to simply record or attach documents to a user's profile. There is a 'Type' field to help categorise different types of documents. While this knowledge type already appears in reports in Admin, we are already planning some additional reporting around external knowledge in a few months which will further enhance this new 'Document' type.

  • NEW - Team leaders can now record external knowledge for their team members. We have updated team leader permissions to allow them to add external knowledge to their team member's profiles. This is particularly handy with the new Document type, allowing team leaders to store documents directly for their team members. We also updated general user permissions to prevent users from being able to delete or edit external knowledge created by an admin or their team leader.

  • NEW - Team leaders see a better Team page! More updates to the Team page with a new tab navigation function, making it easier for team leaders to view the various reports made available to them (especially big teams). This layout also sets the scene for further enhancements planned for team leaders later this year.

  • NEW - Automated user deactivation!! Users now have a new field called Deactivate Date. This field can be set as a future date by Admins (directly or via upload people) or via the Public API or Zapier API. The platform will monitor each user and automatically deactivate them on the specified date. Admins can filter for upcoming deactivations on the People page in Admin. There is no notification about automated deactivations at this time - we will add notification options (to alert users to upcoming automated deactivation) in early 2023.

  • TWEAK - The All Enrolments report now has a column to show Pathway completion per cents.

  • TWEAK - We fine-tuned the recent Instructor Admin access level by restricting a few additional links/buttons.

  • FIX - Some automated enrolments rules were not triggering. This is now resolved and all automated rules are once again working.

  • FIX - Assessor filtering was not working for custom fields. This is now resolved.

  • FIX - The Assessment page in a topic could be accessed by typing in the URL and bypassing completion of the points in a topic. This is now locked down.

13 July (Release 6028)

  • NEW - Creators can force explorers to watch an entire video. The video element has another new feature which creators can enable to force an explorer to watch an entire video. If enabled, the explorer must watch the entire video. While the explorer can still skip ahead, they will need to rewind to watch skipped sections. Explorers see a per cent watched notification under videos with this option enabled.

  • NEW - Various updates to SCORM element. Quite a few little updates to the SCORM element. Some of these changes may require you to resave your SCORM element (to trigger updated settings) and then publish a new update of your topic/article.

    • When SCORM modules open in a new window, the window will now be full screen.

    • There is a new option to force the SCORM module to open in the existing tab/window (instead of a new window).

    • Whether in new window or existing window, we have added a 'Return to LMS' button above your SCORM module.

  • NEW - There is a new Instructor Admin access level. We have added a new access level for Admins called Instructor Admin. It sits above Reporting Admin and below Knowledge Admin. Instructor Admins can essentially 'manage enrolments'. They can see knowledge and users and manage enrolments and reporting, but cannot edit knowledge or change any knowledge settings (or create or delete knowledge) or edit users in any way.

  • NEW - More updates to the Team page. The team page now has more robust filtering and allows managers to download a CSV of their team's training history. There are more changes coming to this page soon.

  • FIX - Setting a retake enrolment on an individual topic or article in a pathway was not causing the pathway status to update. This is now fixed and working as intended.

  • FIX - Unenrolling an explorer from one of two pathways containing (some of) the same topics or articles was also unenrolling the explorer from any topics or articles in pre-enrolled status (removing them from the second pathway). This is now fixed and wont occur.

26 June (Release 5998)

  • NEW - Creators can replace videos and add thumbnails. Creators now see an updated video element, which allows them to replace an existing video. Creators can now also replace their video thumbnails directly (including using the image library and image editor, which now includes a video thumbnail (landscape) crop ratio). A few other little changes to video element to follow too.

  • NEW - More updates to the Team page. The team page now shows team leaders information about pathways and external knowledge, along with additional filters for expired knowledge.

  • TWEAK - The Overview module in topics has been updated to change an FAQ about whether the topic has to be explored in order or not, depending on the new setting to 'enforce the order of points in a topic'.

  • FIX - Removed an erroneous column in the Skills Attained analytics report.

22 June (Release 5980)

  • NEW - Creators can enforce the order of points in a topic. Traditionally, explorers have been able to complete points in a topic in any order. Even though our data shows that 95% of explorers complete the points in the given order, this freedom to explore 'as I want' benefits the other 5% of adult learners. That being said, we have just launched a new feature to force / lock the completion of points in a topic into the given order. You'll find it when editing a topic and on Settings / Manage navigation tab - there's a toggle at the top to force / lock the order. The need for this setting became more relevant with the release of our various assessable items over the last 12 months. It now allows you to lock away entire parts until certain items are completed and/or assessed.

  • NEW - Explorers see alerts for pending or failed assessable items. We have updated the main topic navigation page to now show alerts to explorers when a point in topic has a pending or failed assessable item. We have also added a notification to the main learner dashboard for any topic which contains a failed assessable item. Both changes make it easier for explorers to revisit any failed items or understand why their topic has not yet completed (due to pending assessments).

  • NEW - Updates to the Team page. We have also started a series of updates to the Team page for team leaders / managers. Please note these changes will be on-going for the next two weeks. The initial changes allow managers to see custom field information and complete training histories (with filters) rather than just overdue training. We will be adding more data (including external knowledge) and more filters over the next few days, as well as a CSV download for reports and some more functionality. Updates to user Profile pages will then follow too.

6 June (Release 5918)

  • TWEAK - Analytics Notification report now includes system invitation and password reset data. The new Notification report in Analytics will now also start tracking system invitation and password reset emails (which were previously not tracked in older notification reports). NB: Tracking of these notifications begins from today (historical data before today is not tracked).

  • TWEAK - Force explorer to watch the entire narration. In a similar update to the Download element, creators now have an option to require explorers to watch an entire narration before they can progress. The requirement prevents the explorer from 'skipping' through the narration until the entire narration has been watched. After the narration has been watched, the explorer can skip to time stamps or content as usual.

2 June (Release 5902)

  • NEW - Analytics reports now filter by role. All relevant analytics reports now have a new Role filter, to allow each report to be filtered by Role (from our Roles, Competencies and Skills feature). Just one more little update to come for Analytics in this round of changes.

  • TWEAK - Force explorer to download a file. The Download element has a new option for creators which, if selected, will require explorers to download the file in that element before they can proceed. This may be a useful option in certain compliance and policy modules where you want to be certain the explorer has downloaded the available files.

30 May (Release 5889)

  • NEW - Analytics upgrade 2! Five new analytics reports! Admins will find a greatly expanded Analytics area with five new analytics reports. There are new reports for tasks, uploads and events within topics and articles, matching similar existing reports for answers and responses. There is also a new report for External Knowledge, allowing for a more detailed analysis than the existing External Knowledge page (which will soon be replaced by a modified version of this new analytics report). There is also a new Notifications report, once again improving on an existing Notifications page. More analytics updates involving our Roles feature coming next!

26 May (Release 5882)

  • NEW - Creators see a new Timeline layout for the Interact element. Creators can now use a Timeline layout for Interact. It presents items in a vertical flow, revealing one item at a time, with alternating images/text on either side of a central line. It's a great way to present a series of key events or to explain steps in a process.

  • NEW - Creators see a new Process layout for the Interact element. More creator love! The new Process layout presents items in a carousel-style flow, with each item sliding onto and then off the page. This layout focuses learners on single pieces of content - perhaps steps in a process, telling a story or a series of ideas. Creators can easily switch between any of the Interact layouts to find the right layout for each idea.

  • TWEAK - Styling changes to the recent Acronym layout.

  • FIX - Close button was not appearing on the Resources tab when the Glossary was not also activated.

16 May (Release 5836)

  • NEW - Creators see a new Acronym layout for the Interact element. Creators have a new layout in the Interact element that allows them to spell out an Acronym (letter by letter), with each item representing one letter and its explanation and image. Acronym can also be used for numbers, to present a step by step process.

  • TWEAK - Added training minutes data to All Enrolments analytics report and History report for users.

  • FIX - Topic completion issue caused by an explorer completing a topic in multiple tabs.

9 May (Release 5796)

  • NEW - Admins can now save favourite Analytics searches. All Analytics reports now have a Saved Search feature. Admins can use the SAVE button to save the current search as a favourite search and then use the STAR button to recall their favourite searches. Saved Searches are unique to each Admin. As we expand Analytics out to replace all reporting pages in the Admin area, this saved search feature will be available on every page.

  • TWEAK - Improvements to Glossary and Resources. We slightly updated the UI for the recent Glossary and Resources features and also implemented a change so that Glossary and Resources do not show on any Assessment page.

  • TWEAK - System invitation email template update. We have updated the system invitation emails based on user feedback. The new templates ensure the first clickable hyperlink is the link to the portal (SSO) or to set an initial password (non-SSO), with all other links moved lower in the email.

  • TWEAK - iOS mobile users now see the Camera Roll option when uploading files in the Upload element (so can more easily upload videos and photos).

  • FIX - All Progress report was incorrectly showing all users as deactivated.

  • FIX - CSV Download on the Analytics tab in Topics/Articles was not working correctly.

  • FIX - CSV Download on the Platform Activity Analytics tab was not showing the correct dates.

4 May (Release 5764)

  • NEW - Creators can add a Resources tab to their topics and articles. This is a follow-up feature to the recent Glossary. The Resources tab works in a similar fashion and provides explorers with a list of key resources in your topic or article, which are available from a Resources tab at any time in the topic or article. Resources can be links (URLs) or files that you would like to have available to explorers at any time.

28 April (Release 5739)

  • TWEAK - Significant upgrade to three key platform frameworks. No visible changes for users, but we completed significant upgrades to three of our key frameworks behind the scenes to improve compatibility, security and performance across all aspects of the platform and on all devices. This has been a major piece of development work and will now free up development resources to return to new features!

19 April (Release 5714)

  • NEW - Creators can add a Glossary to their topics and articles. Creators can now add a list of common terms and definitions (a Glossary) to their topics and articles, for explorers to review at any point in a similar way to viewing their journal. A matching Resources feature (to share links and files at any point in a topic or article) is coming next.

  • NEW - Analytics upgrade 1. The upgrade to Analytics is now well underway. First up, we have upgrades to every existing Analytics report to improve and expand on filtering, including the following. Lots more to come over the next few weeks.

    • New filters for Activated/Deactivated people

    • New filter options for People (does not contain, equals and does not equal)

    • Adding filters for manager and mentor emails

    • Adding filters for user names

    • Adding more columns for All Enrolments (Type, Activated)

    • Search bar for topics, articles and pathways filter

    • Completely new date selector allowing for custom date ranges in many filters

    • Adding assessment results to All Responses

    • Adding new Total People graph to Platform Activity

  • TWEAK - All connections are now enforced as TLS 1.2.

4 April (Release 5668)

  • TWEAK - PDF of a person's progress in a topic or article now includes all tasks, events and uploads.

  • FIX - Draft answers in an assessable Q&A no longer show 'An assessor will grade your response.'

  • FIX - When setting the Next Enrolment on a topic, refreshing the screen will no longer clear the setting.

31 March (Release 5661)

  • TWEAK - Viewing a person's progress in a topic or article in the Admin area now shows detailed reporting for tasks, events and uploads, plus improved reporting for Q&A, including all assessable information. Note: The PDF Progress function does not reflect these changes yet - that's coming next!

  • TWEAK - Match element now has an option to ask explorer to 'Retry match if incorrect'.

  • FIX - Automated enrolment rules panel now has links to support articles.

30 March (Release 5652)

  • NEW - Automated enrolment rules. Admins can now use enrolment rules to create 'automated enrolment rules' (as well as catalogue rules for self-enrolment). Automated enrolment rules check every two hours for new explorers to enrol into selected topics, articles and pathways. Perfect for automating initial training requirements for new explorers (based on job roles, locations or other custom fields). WARNING - Use this feature with care and ensure your rules are correct.

  • NEW - New Divider element. A fun new element for creators, the Divider element allows creators to create a variety of colourful sub-headings, including using icons and emojis. Smaller than a Section, Dividers can help group content or draw attention to key information. There is also a 'spacer' layout, allowing creators to insert 'blank space' between elements.

  • TWEAK - PDF element now allows explorers to optionally download the PDF.

  • TWEAK - Insight element has a new 'Important' label.

  • TWEAK - Match element now has correct/incorrect feedback options. 'Retry match if incorrect' is coming next.

  • TWEAK - Reflect element now defaults to one question.

  • TWEAK - Custom fields can now be up to 40 characters long.

  • FIX - Resolved an issue on the History tab for people in the Admin area where completed/conquered knowledge was not correctly filtering.

14 March (Release 5611)

  • NEW - New PDF element for creators. Creators can now display a PDF for explorers to view (zoom, search, print) - slides, documents, complex images, flow charts and more are all possible through the new PDF element.

1 March 2022 (Release 5600)

  • TWEAK - Updated Pathway CSV download of explorers to include first name, last name, username and email (to make it easier to download/upload changes).

28 February 2022 (Release 5594)

  • NEW - Admin Access levels. Organisations can now set a range of different Admin Access levels, to better control access for different types of users.

  • FIX - Resolved an issue impacting some users who were unable to review the assessment results page.

22 February 2022 (Release 5586)

  • FIX - Resolved an issue that prevented explorers from adding skills to their External Knowledge records.

21 February 2022 (Release 5585)

  • TWEAK - Updates to Pathway calculations. We have observed that when new mandatory training was added to an existing Pathway, while the Pathway completion per cent was correctly updating, the Pathway progress (exploring / conquered) and conquered/certified dates were not always updating. We have resolved this issue such that if new mandatory training is added to a Pathway and an explorer would no longer be at 100% completion for the pathway, then their previous conquered/certified dates will be removed and the progress correctly set back to Exploring. In addition, any attained skills at a Pathway level will also be removed (to be re-attained once the Pathway is once again at 100% complete).

18 February 2022 (Release 5582)

  • NEW - New 'Buy' option for training Catalogue. We have updated the self-enrolment rules panel (Access panel) to make it easier to read, as well as adding the option to switch between 'Enrol' and 'Buy' buttons for each rule in the catalogue. The 'Buy' button can link to an external URL (typically your e-commerce page for that topic, article or pathway).

  • TWEAK - Recalculate link for pathway enrolments. When admins are viewing the progress of an explorer in a pathway, they see a new Recalculate link. This link can force the recalculation of the pathway - its status, per cent and topic/article links - in the event the calculations appear incorrect.

  • FIX - An issue causing a retake enrolment when moving an optional topic/article in a Pathway to mandatory has been resolved.

  • FIX - An issue showing Pathway Certificates has been resolved.

  • FIX - Topic and article lengths are now correctly shown on Pathway certificates.

11 February 2022 (Release 5576)

  • TWEAK - Revised Upload People process. The Upload People process has been upgraded with several new features:

    • Revised 5 step process (was 4 steps) with new support articles.

    • New UNENROL code. Topics, articles and pathways have a new -UNENROL code which allows for bulk unenrolments via CSV upload.

    • Revised UPDATE code now supports skill attainment. The UPDATE code can now be used to assign skills to previously conquered enrolments (back-dating skill acquisition).

    • Invitations for new and existing users. The new step 5 in the upload process now supports sending invitation emails to both new and existing users, making it easy to 'pre-load' users and then send invitations in bulk at a later date.

10 February 2022 (Release 5572)

  • FIX - Resolved an issue with training length shown on certificates for certain topics and articles.

9 February 2022 (Release 5571)

  • NEW - New 'Creator' role. Yes - it's here! Admins can now designate a user with a new 'Creator' role. This role allows that person to see the CREATE button on the explorer dashboard (regardless of whether the option for staff to create training is enabled).

  • TWEAK - The Upload People function now allows setting of 'Force password reset' and 'User notifications'. The CSV download of all People now also includes this information.

  • TWEAK - We fine-tuned CSV downloads of explorers in a topic or article (now including first name, last name and user name) and All Enrolment Analytics (now including Active and Visibility).

6 February 2022 (Release 5564)

  • TWEAK - Skills can be hidden from the explorer dashboard. We added a new option to hide skills from the explorer dashboard (similar to the option for Categories). Admins can edit skills to hide/show as required.

  • TWEAK - We have reorganised some of the Account pages. Ahead of the upcoming Admin Access Levels feature, we have relocated some Account features onto new pages. Branding is now on its own tab while API keys (Public and Zapier) are now on a new Integrations tab. The setting for Continuing Education periods is now found on the Categories tab (give Categories are also used for Continuing Education features).

4 February 2022 (Release 5559)

  • FIX - Resolved an issue where existing categories could only be 20 characters long (even when new categories could be 30 characters long).

  • FIX - Certificates for LMS users are now showing correctly.

  • TWEAK - Removed image height scaling. Images were being scaled to fit available screen height. We have removed this limitation, allowing long images (e.g. flow charts) to be shown without height scaling and generally look better!

3 February 2022 (Release 5556)

  • NEW - Force password reset on next log in. When viewing people in the Admin area, admins now see an option to 'Force password reset' on the next log in. This feature allows admins to set generic or temporary passwords for users and have the user set a secure password on their next log in. The feature is enabled manually for now, but we will be adding it to the Upload People function in the next few weeks. This feature does not apply to SSO or LMS users.

  • NEW - Disable notifications for individual users. Admins also see another option to disable notifications for individual users. This option will cease all knowledge related notifications - enrolments, reminders, completions - to that user. System notifications - invitations, password resets, journals - are not impacted. This feature is enabled manually for now, but will be added to Upload People in the next few weeks.

  • TWEAK - Major update to our text editor. This upgrade takes our text editor (used by creators in a wide range of fields) to the latest current version. There are no major changes (for now) but this upgrade does resolve a number of issues with tables in our text editor.

  • FIX - Resolved issue with mixed cased manager emails and the Teams page.

30 January 2022 (Release 5551)

  • NEW - Assign custom field visibility to assessors. We have redesigned the custom field editor in the Admin area. Admins can now assign custom fields to be visible to assessors when reviewing explorers in a topic or article.

  • NEW - Assessors can filter by custom field. Assessors can now see and filter explorer contributions by custom fields. Assessors see custom field data for each submission in assessment tables and use a new popup to filter contributions by custom field data (NB: At least 1 custom field must be enabled for assessor visibility).

  • TWEAK - Assessor filtering is significantly faster. We have completely redesigned the processes used to display and filter explorer contributions for assessors. Explorer contributions load much faster and now paginate into groups of 50.

  • FIX - Resolved issue with assigning a creator on the New Topic or New Article page.

20 January 2022 (Release 5538)

  • FIX - Resolved issue with 'Set to complete' for SCORM element.

  • TWEAK - Final improvements to Zapier integration ahead of Zapier review!

19 January 2022 (Release 5534)

  • NEW - Added new filtering options for Assessors. Assessors can now filter assessable items by status and grade. Also clarified the version number (if any) from which Assessors are currently viewing assessable items.

  • TWEAK - Various improvements to Zapier integration.

17 January 2022 (Release 5532)

  • FIX - Resolved issue with incorrect links in certain email notifications.

15 January 2022 (Release 5530)

  • FIX - Resolved issue with individual enrolments by admins.

14 January 2022 (Release 5525)

  • NEW - Rebuilt Run Rule process. The Run Rule feature allows admins to instantly enrol users matching a self-enrolment rule into a topic, article or pathway. We have revised this process with an improved interface (scoping the rule before it is run, plus on-going feedback on the enrolment progress) and with a 'sequential' run sequence (which prevents multiple rules from running at the same time). In combination, it's a far more robust experience for large rules.

  • TWEAK - Correctly show 'Active users only' on Admin/People/Users. We have made a small change to the Admin/People/Users table. The page now defaults to a filtered view of 'Active' = 'Yes', so that admins will see only active people by default. In doing this, we have rectified the 'Active' = 'Any' option so that admins can once again filter for active and inactive users at the same time.

9 January 2022 (Release 5515)

  • TWEAK - Mobile styling updates. Various changes to styling and layouts on mobile devices, particularly small devices in portrait mode.

    • Margins are reduced and logos are hidden to increase screen size for text.

    • Improvements to image scaling in interact layouts.

    • Fixed for recent assessor interactions for events, tasks, uploads and Q&A.

    • Improvement to the styling of topic navigation page.

  • TWEAK - Significant upgrade to a key platform framework. No visible changes for users, but we completed a significant upgrade of one of our key frameworks behind the scenes to improve compatibility, security and performance across all aspects of the platform and on all devices.

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