The first choice in the +Content box in creator mode is a new Section.

The video below provides an overview on sections:

Using sections

You can think of Sections as sub-headings within one point of your topic (or simply sub-headings in your article) - they should be used to group smaller amounts of related content together.

Each of your points should have 3-5 sections to break up the content.

Tips on using Sections

Many creators like to add 3-4 sections into each part of their topic as a first step in creating their topic. That essentially maps out the entire topic and its then just a matter of adding in the necessary content using the other elements.

By having at least 3 sections, we can ensure that each of your ideas has enough breaks and pauses. When other people are exploring your topic, we need to break up your content so it’s easy to read. We do this by using your sections. We put a “Keep exploring” button just before each new section which pauses the explorer and allows them to understand your knowledge in pieces. So put your sections in positions where a break would be natural in your content. This means that each section should group together 2-5 minutes of related content.

Sections also have three options you can activate.

1 - Adding time option

Each section has the option to 'add time' to that section. With this option, you can add additional minutes to the calculation of time in that section (and therefore for that point and topic).

Adding time to a section may be useful if we are unable to automatically calculate how much time an explorer should spend on that section. The most common situations for this would be...

  • File download. If you have a File element with a download which requires the explorer to spend time reading or using that file, you can add additional minutes for that in the Section element.

  • External link. If you have added a link to an external file or website, you can add additional minutes for the time required to explore that link.

  • Embed link. If you have used the Embed element in this section, you can add additional minutes of time required to explore that link. Remember that we cannot calculate the length of time of video or audio in the embed element (unlike the Video or Audio elements themselves).

2 - 'Share an insight' option

As part of each section heading, there is also an option to enable 'Explorers can share an insight in this section'.

This is a powerful function. If selected, this will show explorers a 'Share an insight' button at the end of that section. Explorers will then be able to add new insights to that section in your topic.

This is a great way to encourage knowledge-sharing from your explorers. You may want to encourage explorers to add certain types of insights or insights around a particular idea. This feature essentially allows a topic to expand over time, with new ideas and insights from people other than the topic creator.

3 - 'Insight Battle' option

Each section also allows you to activate an insight battle at the end of this section.

An insight battle presents explorers with two randomly selected insights from that point - insights from the entire point, not just that section. Explorers are then asked to select the most valuable insight for them.

Insight Battles are a fantastic interaction to reinforce key content. They make explorers reconsider insights in a new context, comparing and assessing value.

For an Insight Battle activity to work, there must be at least two insights in that point! If not, it will not show. Don't use Insight Battles too often. One Insight Battle (maybe two) per point is usually enough.

Sections not showing 'Next up' in preview?

When you've completed a section, it will then show in 'review mode' when you go back so you don't have to click through to each section.

You can reset the preview to look how it would for a first time user. From the editor click on the drop down on the preview button and select 'Reset preview'.


You can also breakup your content into subheadings by using the divider element. Dividers allow you to group information, highlight key information or breakup content within your section.

Sections provide important breaks in your content and are the headings throughout. Dividers, on the other hand, are like subheadings that may or may not be used within your sections. Dividers should not be used as headings.

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