The Match element allows you to create a quiz based on matching, sorting or ranking knowledge. You can add a Match element just like a Quiz or Fill-In element, anywhere in your topic or article, as well as in topic Assessments if they are enabled.

We show you how to use the Match element in this video:

How can creators use the Match element?

When you create a Match element there are just four things to specify:

  1. Question. Outline the question you want explorers to answer. This should indicate how explorers should match the given items.

  2. Item set 1. You will then enter two sets of items. The first set is the 'fixed' set. This set of items will always appear in the order you state. Use this column if your Match is about steps in a process for example (with items called 'Step One, Step Two' and so on.

  3. Item set 2. The second set of items represents the correct matched item to set 1. This set of items will appear in a random order for explorers. They will need to drag and drop these items to match the correct item from set 1.

  4. Feedback (optional). You can prepare a set response which will be shown to the explorer AFTER they provide their answer.

Explorers will see the Match element in a similar way to a Quiz or Fill-In element. They will need to drag and drop the matching items and then submit their selections. They will then receive a correct/incorrect response. If they are incorrect, they can view the correct matches (along with a neat animation as the matches 'rearrange' into the correct order).

There are some templates available in the Match element to help inspire you on how to use this element too - to put steps in the right order, to match terms and definitions, to match scenarios and responses, to put items in the correct rank/order, or to match myths with facts.

There are only a few limitations on Match to manage the size of the element for explorers.

  • You can only have six matching pairs of items.

  • Each item should be a maximum of about 15 words.

Match elements can be used anywhere in your topic or article. If you have an Assessment enabled in a topic, you will also have the option to use the Match element in that position in your topic, only in the Assessment or in both locations.


  1. Steps. Use the Match element to create a quiz on steps:

  2. Scenarios. Use the Match element for an interactive way of reinforcing the content through scenarios:

  3. Definitions. Use the Match element to require explorers to match the definition with the example:

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