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How can I edit images - crop, resize, add text, change colours?
How can I edit images - crop, resize, add text, change colours?

Our Image Editor lets you edit your uploaded or imported images. Crop, add text, stylise or draw on your images with ease.

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Great news! Tribal Habits has a built-in image editor. Any image you upload or import from our library can be edited using the Image Editor.

In the video below, we show you how you can use the Image Editor. Please note, updates have been made to the Image Editor since this video was created:

The link to open the Image Editor will be found below your uploaded or imported image in the Image, Hotspot, Quiz, Poll and Narration elements. You will need to upload or import an image first to see the link.

The Image Editor allows you to edit your image and then save it back into your element. You can undo your changes in the editor but once the image is saved, your changes are permanent.

The image editor has five major tabs offering many image processing features.

  • Crop - You can rotate and flip your image, as well as crop it. Cropping can be in any ratio, along with presets. There are special present ratios for Narration slides and Header images.

  • Filter - You can select from five set filter options to stylise your image.

  • Finetune - You can edit the brightness, contrast, exposure and saturation of your images

  • Annotate - You can draw on your image, add arrows/pointers, add text and add square and circle shapes, in any colour you require.

  • Resize - You can resize your image (typically for zooming).

  • Sticker - You can add stickers or upload other images to put on top of your image.

  • Frame - You can select from a variety of different frames to enhance your image with.

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