INSIGHTS are short ‘bites of expertise’ which highlight key points or expand on core content. Insights should be no more than a paragraph in length - like a long ‘tweet’ - and they will be highlighted in each topic/article.

The video below provides an overview of the Insight element, as well as some examples:

How can I use Insights?

Each insight is labelled to make it easy to sort through them and understand their purpose.

When creating a topic, Sage will prompt you to create at least two insights per big point and, ideally, two different types of insights per big point. You don't have to do this, but insights are a great way to highlight some key information for explorers and help break up your knowledge into pieces.

Plus, explorers can favourite insights to capture them to their journal - so it's also a great way to help explorers build useful journals of valuable information.

Tips on using Insights

As a creator, use the + Content prompt to add an insight anywhere inside one of your big points. This will start the insight editor which looks as follows.

To create an insight you need to...

  • Type your insight. It must be between 50 and 450 characters.

  • Select an appropriate label which matches the insight you created.

  • Save the insight.

Try and create different types of insights which address different aspects of your knowledge - use the insight labels to help you with ideas for this. It's fun for explorers to see there are a bunch of different types of insights and not just the same one again and again.

Insight Battles!

If you have many insights in a point in a topic or article, you might also want to consider using some Insight Battles.

Insight Battles are enabled in the Section element. When you enable an Insight Battle, explorers will see a new interaction at the end of that section which shows two random insights from that point and asks the explorer to select the one most valuable to them. It's a great interaction to reinforce key content and highlight important information.


Let's look at some examples of the Insight element in action:

  • FAQs. Insights work great to highlight a frequently asked question. In this example, we put the question in italics with the answer underneath:

  • Scenarios/Examples. You can use insights to highlight scenarios or examples. In this example, we use the scenario label to reinforce content:

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