Add a customisable button to your training content which, when clicked, links your learners directly to a website location of your choice.

Buttons may be useful when you want to direct your learners to information on a different website, your course's forum, or a different part within your topic. The Button element can be used to link to any URL starting with 'http'.

Adding a button to a course

Add the element to your topic or article by selecting the 'button' option from the Content box, then follow these steps:

  1. Choose a layout for your button. Layout options include 'Left', 'Right', 'Above' or 'Below' (which refers to where the button appears in relation to any description text you include). To center your button, select 'Above' or 'Below'.

  2. Choose a size for your button. Buttons are 'medium' in size, by default. However, you also have the options of 'small' or 'large'.

  3. Add a button label. For example, your button may say 'Click here!'.

  4. Enter your button link/URL into the text box provided, ensuring it starts with 'http'.

  5. Optionally provide additional information, such as a description, for your button. The character limit for this text is 300 and you can include emoticons, symbols and special characters.

  6. Optionally modify the button and text colours under 'Set colours'.

  7. Click 'Save'.
    Note: By default, buttons open new browser tabs when clicked. To change this, untick the 'Link opens in new tab' option.

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