Creators can use the Embed element to embed external content into a Tribal Habits topic. That content will then be displayed in their topic.

The video below provides a brief overview of the Embed element:

What content can be embedded?

Most URLs can be embedded. The embed element resolves your URLs and gives you a rich media experience.

  • Media, like videos or audio are displayed with a player.

  • Interactions, like surveys or slides are displayed 'as is' including their interactions

  • Files, like links to GoogleDocs, are displayed as richly formatted links.

  • Websites, like Wikipedia or news articles, are displayed as formatted cards.
    That's not to say every single URL will work with the embed element. The URL must allow embedding and resolve to content which can be embedded.

For example, your URL or link needs to...

  • Allow embedding. Some sites prevent this option.
    Resolve to content which can be embedded. Some sites simply don't work through embedding.

  • Be public. If you link to a URL which requires credentials, it probably wont embed. It might work for you in testing, since you may be logged into that site in another browser, but wont work for anyone else.

  • Meet your organisation's requirements. For example, if your organisation blocks YouTube, then any embedded Youtube content in Tribal Habits will also be blocked.

  • Be available! If you embed to a URL or link which no longer exists, your embed will also no longer exist. A embed is just a link - we don't copy content into Tribal Habits.

What URLs or sites are supported for embedding?

There are too many URLs and sites for us to test personally, but we have tested many of the most popular sites including...

  • You Tube

  • Vimeo

  • Wistia

  • TED

  • Wikipedia

  • Medium

  • Direct links to PDF files

  • Slide Share

  • Prezi

  • Flicker

  • Tenor

  • Google Maps

  • Typeform

  • Soundcloud

How can I test if a link will work?

We integrate with a third-party platform called iFramely. They have a page you can test your URL with at

If your URL works on that page, it should work with the embed element in Tribal Habits. If not, please contact support (and provide the URL you are trying to embed) and we can examine it for you.

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