How does the Journal feature work?

Each topic or article provides explorers with access to a journal for recording notes and reviewing contributions to course activities.

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In Tribal Habits, each topic or article automatically provides course participants (explorers) with a journal for recording notes about the course and reviewing their contributions to certain course activities.

Explorers can also use their journal to refer back to the course overview (and for topics, the overview of each part) at any time.


When and how can explorers access their journals?

Explorers can access their journals while completing a course or when reviewing the content of a course they've already completed.

A 'Journal' button is visible to explorers at the top-right of each topic or article. When clicked, their journal will slide open, revealing the course overview, and a section corresponding to each part of the topic (or just one section for articles) where they can add notes and view their contributions to certain course activities.

At the bottom of the journal, explorers have the option to download their journal as a PDF or email it to themselves.

Who can see an explorer's journal?

An explorer's journal and the notes they add to it are only visible to them. However, if you set up activity notifications, such as when an activity is completed within a topic, the journal will be sent to the explorer and, if configured, their manager and any other selected stakeholders.

What is automatically added to an explorer's journal?

As an explorer works their way through a topic or article, any insights they choose to favourite are automatically added to their journal as well as their responses to questions or polls that are switched on for the Overview and Destination modules (if these navigational features are in use).

Course creators can also configure responses to polls and Q&As within topics and articles to be automatically copied to each explorer's journal.

How can a course creator incorporate the journal into the content of a course?

When creating a course, it's worth considering how the journal may be used to enhance an explorer's experience when completing the course.

For example, you may wish to encourage the explorer to use the journal by suggesting they add notes to it at certain points within the course which they may find useful when reviewing the course at a later time.

You may also ask them to refer back to their choice in a poll or written response to a Q&A from earlier in the course before asking a follow-up question or poll. This allows them to reflect back and consider what they've learnt.

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