What are the navigation options for a topic?

Tribal Habits has built-in modules you can activate within each topic to automatically improve the learning experience.

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As you create a topic, you will organise your content into 1-12 big points (labelled as ideas, parts, rules, facts or steps depending on the structure for your topic). Each of your big points represents a module within your topic, shown to explorers as a module within the topic navigation screen.

In addition to your own big points, you can also enable several other navigation options within a topic, where Tribal Habits will automatically create additional modules for your explorers.

These system-generated modules are enabled or disabled within the Settings menu of the topic you are editing, on the Manage Navigation tab.

  • You can enable or disable each module using the toggle on the top right of each module.

  • Once enabled, you can edit the settings for that module using the 'Edit' link on the lower right of each module.

Overview module

This module creates a welcome experience for explorers in your topic. It outlines the What and Why parts of your topic overview, provides information on some topic settings and can display your selected introduction analytics (such as polls on the prior experience of explorers or their learning goals for your topic).

It's a good module for new explorers, or when you want to collect standard data and analytics from explorers before they get started. You can learn more about the standard analytics in this module in this dedicated support article

Insights module

This module gathers all the insights from your entire topic into a single area. This module has two uses.

  • The first time an explorer accesses this module, they will complete (up to) four insight battles that compare insights from across your topic. This helps reinforce key content and further rank insights in your topic.

  • Explorers will then be able to review all the insights in your topic, ranked from most to least valuable as determined by the insight battles. Explorers can favourite insights, conduct more insight battles or use this as a new way to explore content.

This module is highly recommended for topics that have 10 or more insights.

Assessment module

This module presents explorers with a graded online assessment. You can learn more about assessments in this dedicated support article.

Activity module

Activity modules provide explorers with on-the-job assignments to complete as part of your topic. You can learn more about activities in this dedicated support article.

Destination module

This module provides a conclusion experience for your explorers. It can optionally ask them additional standard analytics questions about their experience in your topic. It also provides a congratulatory message and neatly wraps up your topic. You can learn more about the standard analytics in this module in this dedicated support article.

How can I enforce the order of my topic?

You can enforce explorers to complete all modules in a set order by turning on the toggle "Explorers must complete all modules in order" at the top of this screen:

Turning this feature on will require your explorers to complete the first module, before the next is unlocked and so on.

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