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What subdomain or URL can we use with our Tribal Habits portal?
What subdomain or URL can we use with our Tribal Habits portal?

Each organisation has a unique subdomain to access their Tribal Habits portal (but can also have a custom domain / vanity URL).

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Each organisation using Tribal Habits is secure and private from all other organisations using Tribal Habits - users, data, logins and information are all strictly separated and 'walled' so that no organisation can see (or is even aware of) any other organisation.

This is managed by each organisation being allocated to a specific subdomain within our platform. All organisations have a subdomain in the form of *

  • For example, let's say there are two organisations called Acme and XYZ.

    • Acme may be allocated

    • XYZ may be allocated

How are subdomains allocated to each organisation?

Your organisation will have an initial subdomain allocated to it when you subscribe to our platform (or at the time your organisation commenced a short trial with us).

We discuss your preferred subdomain with you before establishing it, as it is very difficult to change the subdomain later (see below).

Important! As it is difficult to change subdomains, please choose your subdomain carefully before starting!

What are the requirements for a Tribal Habits subdomain?

Generally, your subdomain will be the top level domain of your organisation - so the same domain as your public website or email address. With that in mind, there are some requirements for all requested subdomains at Tribal Habits:

  • The subdomain must not be in use by an existing customer of Tribal Habits

  • If the subdomain is a brand name or trademark, it must be one that your organisation owns and controls. You cannot use another organisation's brand name or trademark (including that of your own customers)

  • If your organisation has multiple brand names, you will need to select one as your parent (main) domain. This can be a group or holding company name. You could then have separate domains for other brands in your portfolio (see Child portals below)

  • We may also not accept some common words as domains (e.g. store, garage or help)

There are also some technical requirements on all Tribal Habits subdomains:

  • Your subdomain should ideally be one word. If two words are required you will need to use a hyphen (-) as a separator. You cannot use a full stop as a separator in a subdomain

    • is good

    • is not possible

  • Your subdomain will end in No other variations are possible

Can we use a custom domain (vanity URL)?

While all organisations must start with a Tribal Habits subdomain, customers on an Active 50 plan or larger can also apply a custom domain (also called a vanity URL) to their Tribal Habits subdomain.

When this occurs, your users see the custom domain and not the Tribal Habits domain. This is another way to promote your brand identity with your users.

  • For example, your Tribal Habits subdomain may be

  • Your organisation may own the domain

  • So your organisation could create and apply that as a custom domain to your Tribal Habits subdomain

Custom domains are not available on all plans and do require a level of technical capability in your organisation. Please see this support article for full details on this feature.

Can we change our Tribal Habits subdomain?

It is possible to change your Tribal Habits subdomain, but it requires some work by our Development team - which may take 1-4 weeks depending on our current development schedule.

When a subdomain is changed, it also applies a redirect from the old subdomain to the new subdomain to assist your users to find the new portal.

Please note that when the subdomain is changed, auto-enrol links cannot be changed (they will use the old subdomain).

Subdomains are typically only changed when brand names change. If so, please contact our Support team to discuss a possible subdomain change.

Can we have multiple domains for different brands or customers?

Depending on your plan type, you may have one or more additional sub-portals (or child portals). You can learn more about this feature in this support article.

Note: The requirements outlined above for subdomains apply equally to child subdomains for your other brands or customers.

You cannot create a child subdomain using the organisation name of one of your customers (as your organisation does not own the brand name of your customers). You will need to use a variation of your parent subdomain like customername-orgname.

  • e.g. If ABC co was a customer of Acme

  • Acme may have a parent subdomain of for use by their employees at Acme

  • Acme may create a child subdomain of for use by their customers at ABC

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