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What other platforms can Tribal Habits integrate with?
What other platforms can Tribal Habits integrate with?

Learn about the different ways Tribal Habits can help integrate with other platforms in your HR, learning or ecommerce tech stack.

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Tribal Habits offers a wide range of integration options. Let's briefly review these options and you can then review more detailed articles about this different integration options.

1 - SSO integrations (for SAML2.0 systems)

Tribal Habits supports Single-Sign-On (SSO) via SAML 2.0 for user login processes.

Tribal Habits utilises the SAML 2.0 standard for SSO. This is typically utilised by organisations that require their employees to login to access their desktop and applications. This 'one login' (single sign-on) allows the employee to access Tribal Habits without having to log into Tribal Habits again - so the employee can 'sign in once to their desktop and not have to have a separate password for Tribal Habits'.

2 - OAuth2 integrations

Tribal Habits can support OAuth2-based login processes from your own platform. This might be when you run a community, industry or membership platform and would like your users to avoid a separate login for your Tribal Habits platform. Or it might be when you have another SaaS platform of your own and utilise Tribal Habits to provide training to your users (and therefore wish to avoid having your users login separately to Tribal Habits).

3 - Managed integrations (with HRIS, CRM, Cloud Services platforms)

A ‘managed’ integration is an integration between Tribal Habits and another cloud-based platform which is managed by us. Tribal Habits has a dedicated integration platform that ‘manages’ these integrations. This allows us to customise or alter your integration to suit your specific needs.

Managed integrations are typically used with HRIS, CRM, SMS, SSO/IdP, Employee Engagement or other similar platforms to sync user data from those platforms into your Tribal Habits platform. This reduces effort required by your admins to create and maintain users and ensures data consistency across your platforms.

Tribal Habits has managed integrations with dozens of popular user platforms. Learn more about our managed integrations in this article.

NOTE: We are constantly adding more platforms to our managed integrations and can build custom integrations too (see below)!

4 - Zapier integrations

Zapier is an integration platform. You subscribe to it in a similar way to subscribe to other cloud platforms. Other platforms can then integrate with Zapier - as Tribal Habits does. In fact, over 4,000 platforms integrate with Zapier. Zapier then acts as an automation platform to connect and pass information between any platforms that integrate with it. If application A integrates with Zapier and application B also integrates with Zapier, then you can use Zapier to automatically pass information between those platforms.

5 - Custom integrations

Sometimes, you may need an integration with a platform that doesn't appear to be covered by the options above. That's ok! We may still be able to help via our custom integrations.

6 - Build your own integration

Finally, your organisation can use our Public API and webhooks to create its own integration. You can review our Developer documentation here.

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